MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 September 12, 2022 The regular meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:00 PM at L.B. Williams Elementary School 1420 University Avenue, Mitchell, South Dakota, Davison County. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Olson, Matthew Christiansen, Shawn Ruml, Brittni Flood, and Terry Aslesen. Absent: None. Others present: Dr. Joseph Graves Superintendent, Steve Culhane, Business Manager, and Student representatives Sarah Sebert, Claire Hegg & Dawson Schroeder. Board member Aslesen asked that the Personnel items be removed from the consent agenda so that they could be voted on separately. Motion #355180 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes of the regular board meeting on August 8, 2022. These minutes had been furnished to the Daily Republic in unapproved form all in accordance as per SDCL 13-8-35. Also on the consent agenda that was approved were the claims, and two open enrollment requests. Motion carried. Motion #355181 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Christiansen to approve the Personnel items listed below: New Classified Hires: Sierra Bunker, Food Service/GBR, $15.25/hr., 5.5/hrs./daily, effective August 15, 2022. Kristi Moody, ParaEducator/LBW, $13.75/hr., 7 hrs./daily, effective August 17, 2022. Samuel Smith, ParaEducator/SH, $15.00/hr., 7 hrs./daily, effective September 6, 2022. Amanda Klein, Kitchen Manager/SH, $17.00/hr., 8 hrs./daily, effective September 7, 2022. Debra Olson, ParaEducator/MS, $13.75/hr., 7 hrs./daily, effective September 6, 2022. New Certified Hires: Chaydon Metzger, 7th grade Head Volleyball, $1,850, effective 2022-23 school year. Ryan Zilla, Assistant Boys Soccer, $1,673, effective 2022-23 school year. Gracie Kattner, 8th grade Assistant Volleyball, $1,573, effective 2022-23 school year. Jeff Meyerink, Assistant Boys Golf, $2,236, effective 2022-23 school year. Transfer: Randi Zimmerman, Head Cook/GBR to Kitchen Manager/GBR, $17.00/hr., 8 hrs./daily, effective August 8, 2022. Change in Hours: Blair Overweg, ParaEducator/LBW, 7 hrs./daily to 7.25/hrs./daily, effective August 17, 2022. Jennifer Malatare, ParaEducator/SH, 7 hrs./daily to 7.25/hrs./daily, effective August 17, 2022. 6th Class Assignments: Kaitlyn Huska, one 6th Class Assignment, effective 2022-23 school year. Steve Morgan, one 6th Class Assignment, effective 2022-23 school year. Kent VanOverschelde, one 6th Class Assignment, effective 2022-23 school year. Melissa Vatter-Miller, one 6th Class Assignment, effective 2022-23 school year. Denise Hoffman, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Nancy Leach, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Bruce Mastel, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Mercia Schroeder, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Christina Siemsen, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Curtis Smith, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Gretchen Smith, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Kristina Starr, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Penny Weisz, two 6th Class Assignments, effective 2022-23 school year. Resignations: Lori Renken, ParaEducator/MS, effective August 22, 2022. Tierra Nightpipe, ParaEducator/SH, effective September 9, 2022. Esther Witte, JV Girls Basketball Coach, effective 2022-23 school year. MTC Hires: Roxanne Hunt, Fall 2022 Registered Nurse (RN) Clinical Instructor, $7,350, effective August 22, 2022. Anne Kelly, Fall 2022 Psychology 101 Adjunct Instructor, $2,250, effective August 22, 2022. Angela Langstaff, Fall 2022 Radiation Therapy Physics Adjunct Instructor, $3,000, effective August 22, 2022. Janet Nicolas, Fall 2022 Online Business Adjunct Instructor, $4,500, effective August 22, 2022. Kristina Tebay, Registered Nursing (RN) Instructor, $63,951.43 (200 day contract prorated to 189 days), effective August 30, 2022. Jesse Belschner, Fall 2022 Radiation Therapy Physics Adjunct Instructor, $1,500, effective August 22, 2022. Terrance Harms, Fall 2022 Radiation Therapy Physics Adjunct Instructor, $1,500, effective August 22, 2022. Motion carried. The following bid was received for the on-site sports package for Mitchell High School: Schoenfelder Construction, Mitchell, SD, $898,800. Motion #355182 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to reject this bid as the bid came in over the budget amounts set for this project. The project will be sent back to the Design committee to address track & athletic needs this spring. Motion carried. Motion #355183 Discussion was held on the K-12 District goals for the 2022-2023 school year. There are goals that board members would like to see added going forward. Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to approve the District goals. It was noted that this is an on-going process and there can be modifications to these goals at any time. Motion carried. Motion #355184 Motion by Ruml, seconded by Flood to approve on first reading language changes to School Board policies 220, Regular meetings by moving start time from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM and Policy 228, Public Participation at Board meetings by adding language stating that the length of public commentary shall not exceed 30 minutes, unless extended by the board president or majority vote of the board. Discussion ensued on policy 228. Motion #355185 After discussion ended, motion by Christiansen, seconded by Aslesen to change the language in policy by eliminating the 30 minute maximum for public commentary and to limit speakers from five (5) minutes down to three (3) minutes. This motion was then passed 5-0. Then the original motion by Ruml was then passed 5-0. School Board members reported on the meetings they had attended since the last meeting. During the Superintendent’s report, Dr. Graves indicated that due to October 10th being Native American Day and no school, that the School Board meeting will be held on Tuesday October 11th. Also, Dr. Graves gave a summary report for the HS Building project. At this time, the total cost of the entire project is at 59.8 million. Bids will go out around Thanksgiving time with bids due back around the first of the year. During public commentary, members of the community spoke about the Social Studies standards, High School project, concerns about the local work force program in the community and Critical Race Theory. The Board then took a tour of LBW Elementary. Motion #355186 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to adjourn the school board meeting at 6:20 PM. Motion carried. A Ox Welding Supply Welding Supplies 73.21 Abbott House June Tuition 34,769.50 Arctic Refrigeration Equipment Repairs 1,191.70 ASBSD Registrations 1,070.00 AutoZone Auto Parts 13.99 Baltzer, Tim Soccer Official 101.76 Bartscher, Debra Pens 207.00 Best Western Plus Ramkota Inn Lodging 109.99 Big E Auto Service Vehicle Repairs 175.11 Borgan, Jeremy Mentoring Expenses 42.98 Building Sprinkler Line Maintenance 2,688.85 Cap, Heidi Mileage 55.44 CCASD Registration 55.00 City Of Mitchell Landfill Fees 81.85 Cubby’s Fuel 956.96 Daily Republic Minutes, Advertising 829.28 Dairy Council/California Classroom Supplies 110.00 Dakota Potters Supply Art Supplies 2,016.30 Dakota Pump Service Call 638.77 Dakota Supply Group Program Supplies 34.71 Darrington’s Water Conditioning 96.50 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel/Program Expenses 9,381.02 Flinn Scientific Classroom Supplies 149.66 Gerlach, Cynthia CTE Conference 394.20 Girton Adams Co. 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Domino’s/Mitchell C/B Training 130.78 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 180.16 Peterson, Travis Corp Ed Training Reimbursement 45.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 187.66 Walmart Supplies 115.74 Whiskey Creek Events 383.76 Total MTC Corporate Training Fund 2,564.59 Capital Projects-New Senior High School Schemmer Associates Professional Services 159,319.15 Total Capital Projects Fund 159,319.15 Food Service Aramark Laundry Service 445.84 Arctic Refrigeration Equipment Repairs 4,426.05 Chesterman Company Food Supplies 1,812.50 Darrington’s Water Conditioning 393.20 East Side Jersey Dairy Food Supplies 5,454.79 Hoffman, Michelle Refund 18.35 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 672.70 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 2,345.33 Performance Foodservice Food Supplies 75,830.04 Upper Midwest Garage Door Service Call 367.35 Walmart Supplies 71.69 Total Food Service Fund 91,837.84 MTC Campus Store AIA Admissions/Small Hit Sports 964.31 Akademos Books 35,613.61 Ascendant Electronic Controls 116.72 Echo Group Tools 15,211.85 Excel Images Uniforms 1,445.84 Johnstone Supply Tools 3,911.15 Matheson Tri-Gas Welding Jackets 61.82 Mcleods Office Supply Advertising/Coupon Book 165.00 Mv Sport Campus Store Spirit Items 117.00 Napa Central Tools 10,898.67 New Chef Fashion Student Uniforms 2,905.30 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 171.07 Runnings Uniforms 19,268.97 Snap-On Industrial Tools 45,261.65 Sun Gold Sports Spirit Wear/Polo’s 3,372.00 United Parcel Service Freight 803.36 Total MTC Campus Store Fund 140,288.32 Cash Balance as of August 31, 2022 Beginning Balance, $22,536,022 General Fund Balance $8,631,760 Capital Outlay Balance $5,334,813, Special Education Balance $1,355,723, Mitchell Tech Balance $4,079,624, Food Service Balance $1,361,548, Driver’s Ed Balance $28,572, T/A Balance $1,980,968, James Valley Coop Balance $5,212, Capital Projects Fund Balance ($242,198) Total Revenue, $4,250,831 General Fund $1,600,759, Capital Outlay $18,161, Special Education $402,924, Mitchell Tech $1,358,574, Food Service $110,435, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $759,978, James Valley Coop $-0-, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Total Expenditures, $4,483,963 General Fund $1,418,144, Capital Outlay $828,930, Special Education $215,182, Mitchell Tech $1,393,180, Food Service $48,617, Driver’s Ed $13,797, T/A $382,770, James Valley Coop $41,637, Capital Projects Fund $141,706. Ending Balance, $22,302,890 General Fund $8,814,375, Capital Outlay $4,524,044, Special Education $1,543,465, Mitchell Tech $4,045,018, Food Service $1,423,365, Driver’s Ed $14,775, T/A $2,358,176, James Valley Coop $(36,425), Capital Projects Fund $(383,904) Published once at the total approximate cost of $255.82 and may be viewed free of charge at (Sept. 21, 2022) 103185