January 18, 2022 CALL TO ORDER Chairpers

January 18, 2022 CALL TO ORDER Chairperson Bode called the regular meeting of the Davison County Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 a.m. Members of the Board present were Claggett, Kiner, Weitala, Bode. Absent Reider. Also present was Deputy Auditor Matthews. PLEDGE The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chairperson Bode. APPROVE MINUTES Motion by Kiner, second by Claggett to approve the minutes of the January 4, 2022, meeting. All members present voted aye. Motion carried. ACKNOWLEDGE COMMISSIONER At 9:02 a.m., Chairperson Bode acknowledged the presence of Commissioner Reider. SHERIFF’S QUARTERLY REPORT Sheriff Harr presented the Sheriff’s Office quarterly report for the 4th quarter of 2021. The full report may be found on file in the Davison County Auditor’s office. NEW HIRE DISCUSSION Sheriff Harr discussed with the board hiring an additional part-time Sheriff Deputy, no action taken. MADC / CHAMBER REPORT Geri Beck, MADC, Mitchell Chamber of Commerce, presented their 4th quarter 2021 report, which may be found on file in the Davison County Auditor’s office. 24-7 KIOSK PRESENTATION Mike Noel of Precision Kiosk Technologies, Edina, MN presented to the board a proposal to lease an automated breathalyzer kiosk to be used for the 24-7 program. No action taken. APPROVE CELLPHONE STIPEND At the request of Corrections Administrator Radel, motion by Claggett, second by Kiner to approve a $50 monthly cellphone stipend for Corrections Lieutenant Ginger Faas. All members voted aye. Motion carried. VSO QUARTERLY REPORT Veteran’s Service Officer Bennett presented the VSO 4th quarter 2021 report to the board. TREASURER’S OFFICE REPORT Treasurer Beintema presented the Treasurer’s office 4th quarter 2021 report to the board. VALUATION DISSCUSSION DOE Love discussed with the board property valuations in Davison County, and the market conditions that effect the Equalizations office’s valuation process. ARPA FUNDS DISCUSSION A discussion was led by Chairperson Bode with the Davison County Office’s department heads regarding the use of anticipated funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. APPROVE PURCHASE At the request of HR Director Meaney, motion by Claggett, second by Reider to approve the purchase of 8 conference chairs at a cost of $1599.92 from Montgomery Furniture. All members voted aye. Motion carried. INTRODUCTORY RAISES Motion by Weitala, second by Kiner to approve an introductory raise for Corrections Sergeant Lynn Smith in the amount of $.50 per hour. All members voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Weitala, second by Kiner to approve an introductory raise for Maintenance Tech Robbie Faas in the amount of $.50 per hour. All members voted aye. Motion carried. APPROVE BILLS Motion by Weitala, second by Kiner to approve the following bills for payment. All members voted aye. Motion carried. GENERAL FUND: COMM: Prof Fees/McGrath Consulting Group-10,380.00,; ELECT: Supplies/McLeod’s Printing-1,850.00,; JUD: Law Library/West Payment Center-102.33,; TREAS: Publishing/Daily Republic Forum Communications-155.01, Mainframe Support/Bruce Mastel-35.00,; STATES ATTY: Prof Fees/James D Taylor PC-4,468.25, Med Prof Fees/Avera Queen of Peace Health Services-1,476.00, State of SD Public Health Lab-445.00, Repairs & Maint/Dakota Data Shred-49.00,; CRT APPTED ATTY: Crt Appted Atty/Larson and Nipe-396.00, Legal Expenses/Angelica Fechner-554.40,; PUB SFTY BLDG: Repairs/Menards-52.05, Gas & Fuel/Meyers Oil Co-65.08, Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-80.00, Elevator Service/Schumacher Elevator-426.24,; CRTHOUSE: Repairs & Maint/Golden West-75.00, Menards-54.37, Supplies/Menards-41.90, Gas & Fuel/Meyers Oil Co-90.32, Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-50.00,; NORTH OFF; Repairs/Golden West-89.97, Menards-35.99, Supplies/Menards-30.03, Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-50.00,; VET: Supplies/NAPA Auto Parts-71.91, Trvl & Conf/Meyers Oil Co-132.75, Recognition & Events/Sungold Trophies-110.00,; COORD: Website Fees/Bruce Mastel-35.00, Copy Mach Maint/Century Business Products-160.33,; SHERIFF: Prof Serv/Avera Occupational-200.00, Office Supplies/Office Advantage-116.34, Gas Patrol Car/Meyers Oil Co-2,373.53, Assoc Dues/Mid-States Organized Crime Info Center-100.00,; JAIL: Medicine/Avera Medical Group-120.68, Mitchell Regional Ambulance-804.00, Jail Supplies/Jones Supplies-498.17, Laundry Supplies/Aramark-198.72, Jones Supplies-76.50, Prisoner Food/Summit Food Service-5,290.60, Water Softener/Darrington Water-49.00, Contracts/Medical Waste Transport-210.38, Vehicle Maint/Meyers Oil Co-330.58, Inmate Services/Swanson Services Corp-1.95,; JUV DET; Medicine/Minnehaha Co Regional Detention Center-100.47, Detention/Minnehaha Co Regional Detention Center-7,320.00,; DOM ABUSE: Domestic Abuse/Safe Place of Eastern SD-1,250.00, Safehouse/Safe Place of Eastern SD-1,600.00,; MENT HAND: Lifequest/Lifequest-9,000.00,; MENTAL ILL: Committals/Douglas Papendick-404.00, Hearings/Lewis & Clark BHS-552.00, Yankton Sheriff’s Ofc-50.00,; FAIR: Repairs & Maint/Automatic Building Controls-240.00, Supplies/Menards-35.98, Water & Sewer/Davison Rural Water-61.50, Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-50.00,; CO EXTENSION: Trvl & Conf/Christine Norwick-47.88,; SOIL DIST: Prof Fees/Davison County Soil Conservation Dist-6,250.00,; WEED: Supplies/Heartland Ag Systems-1,304.86,; DRAINAGE: Publishing/Daily Republic Forum Communications-28.47,; P & Z: Publishing/Daily Republic Forum Communications-59.18,; HIWAY: Repairs & Maint/Diesel Machinery Inc-401.59, Supplies & Materials/Aramark-400.17, Meyers Oil Co-63.6, Gas & Fuel/Meyers Oil Co-4,744.12, Minor Equip/Dockendorf Equipment Co-5,902.60, Projects/Civil Design Inc-6,800.00,; EMG MGMT: Repairs & Maint/Baker Bros Electric-81.04, Fuel/Meyers Oil Co-72.62,; DOM ABUSE 229: Domestic Abuse/Safe Place of Eastern SD-5,500.00. ADJOURN At 12:10 p.m., Chairperson Bode adjourned the meeting and set the next regular Board of Commissioners meeting for January 25th, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. ATTEST James Matthews, Deputy Auditor Brenda Bode, Chairperson Published once at the approximate cost of $62.65 (Jan. 22, 2022) 25255