Ethan School Board Regular Board Meeting

Ethan School Board Regular Board Meeting Minutes March 13th, 2023 The Ethan School board met in regular session at the Ethan School in Ethan SD, on March 13th, 2023. President J. Clendening called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following members present: P. Vogel, M. Klumb, S. Jerke, and N. Bainbridge. Supt. T. Hawkins, Bus. Mgr. M. Beyer, and H.S. Principal B. Roth were present. Visitors present were Mrs. Frerichs. The meeting began with Clendening leading all with the Pledge of Allegiance. No Conflict‐of‐Interest Disclosers were presented. Adopt Agenda Motion by Jerke and seconded by Bainbridge to approve the agenda. Motion carried with all members present voting aye. Approve Consent Agenda Motion by Bainbridge and seconded by Vogel approval of the following. Motion carried with all members present voting aye. a. Minutes of February 15th, 2023 regular meeting. b. Approval of Bills as presented. c. Discussion and approval of Financial Reports as presented. Approve the following bills: General – Ethan School, Meal Money, $2,245.00; Ethan School, Meal Money, $2,320.00; Armour School, Vocal Contest Fee, $251.00; Avera Occupational, DOT Physicals, $270.00; Mary Beyer, Coaches Clinic, $55.40; City of Ethan, Water, $605.91; Cole Papers, Supplies, $274.22; Core Educational, Online Courses, $250.00; Demco, Supplies, $546.08; Dust‐Tex, Supplies, $293.06; Ethan Co‐op, Supplies, $178.91; Ethan School, Reimbursements, $3,412.09; Forum Communications, Minutes, $62.50; Josh Franks, Reimburse Parts, $7.18; Grahams, Fuel, $187.97; Hauff, Athletic Tape, $49.95; Tessa Hertel, One Act Travel, $66.24; Innovative Office, Supplies, $816.99; Janitors Closet, Supplies, $155.46; KSB School, Legal Service, $40.00; Brian McClure, Welding Services, $80.00; Mega Wash, Wash, $35.00; Menards, Supplies, $232.14; Mike’s Corner, Fuel, $2,307.51; Sara Mora, Reimburse Library Books, $85.14; Northwestern Energy, Utilities, $3,417.70; Parkston School, Cross County/Wrestling Coop, $5,022.76; Jeff Patzlaff, Music Contest, $87.35; Popplers, Music, $41.45; Region Music, Entry Form, $150.00; Running Supply, Supplies, $19.98; Santel Communications, Telephone, $199.23; Scholastic, Supplies, $123.02; Snyder Cleaning, Service, $1,038.38; Tessiers, Repairs, $199.00; Weber Sanitation, Pickups, $432.00. Fund Total: $25,558.62. General Automatic Payments – Visa, Music, Staff Appreciation, Travel, AD Supplies, $2,288.32; Capital Outlay – A&B Business, Copier/Finisher, $5,011.34; Fund total: $5,011.34. Special Education Fund –Career Connections, Student Monitoring, $45.54; Children’s Home Society, February Tuition, $2,448.91; Goodcare, PT/OT, $3,916.80; Fund total: $6,411.25. Food Service – Bimbo Bakeries, Bread, $191.09; Cash Way, Food Purchases, $4,898.51; Country Fair, Food Purchases, $129.26; Cole Papers, Supplies, $256.88; Grainger, Folding Table, $144.24; Prairie Farms, Food Purchases, $1,780.72; SD Department of Education, Food Purchases, $62.73; Wordware, Program, $1,830.40. Fund Total: $9,293.83. Trust & Agency Fund – Avesis Third Party, Ins Reimbursement, $13.27; Best Western, One Act Play, $357.00; Delta Dental, Ins Reimbursement, $65.46; Ethan School, Staff/Gymnastics State, $342.00; Nicole Neugebauer, EHS Cheer, $780.00; Neal Bainbridge, JV Ref, $40.00; Erik Gerlach, Ref, $120.00; Jeff Haenfler, Ref, $164.88; Tom Hauglid, Ref, $120.00; Matt Hieb, Ref, $189.36; Ben Klumb, Ref, $80.00; Kaden Klumb, Ref, $40.00; Jordon Odens, Ref, $125.05; Jay Storm, JV Ref, $80.00; Brendan Wentland, JV Ref, $80.00; Zach Wevik, Ref, $142.80; Ethan School, Gate Expenses, $225.00; Mckenzie Frerichs, Reimburse, $114.89; Josten’s Graduation Outfits, $1,173.75; Kaden Klumb, JV Ref, $40.00; Jay Storm, JV Ref, $40.00; Anderson’s, Prom Expenses, $963.51; Andrew Erickson, MBA Gift, $104.75; Ethan School, State Wrestling Meal, $110.00; Ben Klumb, JV Ref, $40.00; Ethan School, Gate Cash Expense, $225.00; Sara Mora, MBA Gift, $222.24. The preliminary 2023‐2024 school calendar was discussed. The Coop of the school funding Gymnastics Coop between Hanson, Parkston and Ethan was discussed. Motion by Jerke and seconded by Bainbridge to enter Executive Session at 6:50PM for personnel matters. Motion Carried with all members present voting aye. President Clendening declared the board adjourned from Executive Session at 8:11PM. Motion by Klumb and seconded by Bainbridge to adjourn at 8:14PM. Motion carried with all members present voting aye. Special meeting scheduled will be Monday, March 27th, 2023, at 7:00PM The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 10th, 2023, at 6:30PM. Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $47.06 and may be viewed free of charge at (March 18, 2023) 204236