Ethan School Board Regular Board Meeting

Ethan School Board Regular Board Meeting Minutes October 11th, 2022 The Ethan School board met in regular session at the Ethan School in Ethan SD, on October 11th, 2022. Vice President P. Vogel called the meeting to order at 5:59 p.m. with the following members present: N. Bainbridge, S. Jerke, M. Klumb, Supt. T. Hawkins, Bus. Mgr. M. Beyer, and H.S. Principal B. Roth. J. Clendening was absent. Visitors present were Josh Franks. The meeting began with Vogel leading all with the Pledge of Allegiance. No Conflict of Interest Disclosers were presented. Adopt Agenda Motion by Jerke and seconded by Klumb to approve the agenda. Motion carried with all members present voting aye. Approve Consent Agenda Motion by Klumb and seconded by Bainbridge approval of the following. Motion carried with all members present voting aye. a. Minutes of September 12th, 2022, regular meeting and Minutes of September 26th, 2022 special meeting. b. Approval of Bills as presented c. Discussion and approval of Financial Reports as presented. Approve the following bills: General –A&B Business, Maintenance, $93.38; A&G Diesel, Bus Repair, $111.88; Mary Beyer, Conference Mileage/Meals, $95.07; City of Ethan, Water, $739.83; Kaci Connor, Line Judge, $40.00; Cole Papers, Supplies, $364.30; Commercial Lighting, Supplies, $572.77; Core Educational Coop, Online Courses, $4,465.00; County Fair, Pop – Homecoming, $144.92; Jordan Dierks, Oral Interp, $65.00; Dust-Tex, Supplies, $293.06; Ethan Co-op, Supplies, $83.32; Ethan School, Background, $3965.48; Danielle Erdmann, Vball Ref, $95.00; Grainger, Supplies, $622.97; Hauff Mid America, Vball Jerseys, $199.80; Innovative Office, Supplies, $491.28; Sara Fergen, Line Judge, $40.00; Forum Communications, Minutes, $42.68; Hal Leonard, Music Magazine, $207.68; Janitors Closet, Supplies, $410.98; Kimball School, Region 3 Principal, $50.00; Krohmer Plumbing, Repairs, $114.87; KSB School Law, Legal Advice, $18.00; Mega, Wash, $20.00; Menards, Supplies, $409.48; Midwest Trim & Carpentry, Labor, $652.97; Mike’s Corner, Fuel, $3,211.54; Nicole Neugebauer, JH VB Jerseys, $480.00; Northwestern Energy, Utilities, $3,935.64; Partners in Grime Cleaning, Cleaning Services, $958.50; Bridgette Mueller, Vball Ref, $280.38; Northwestern Energy, Utilities, $395.17; Running Supply, Supplies, $106.33; Deviney Tuttle, Line Judge, $40.00; Marcy Vanzee, Vball Ref, $95.00; Popplers, Music, $306.50; Santel Communications, Telephone, $218.94; SD Service, Labor Law Poster, $99.50; Teacher Synergy, TPT Annual Subscription, $4,600.00; Technology & Innovation in Education, Online Courses, $1,400.00; Tessier’s, Supplies, $150.50; USD Department of Music, Workshop, $20.00; Weber Sanitation, Pickups, $486.00; Fund Total: $31,193.72. General Automatic Payments – Visa, Supplies, Material, $3,452.74; Capital Outlay – A&B Business, Copier/Finisher, $1,689.54; G&R controls, Lighting upgrade, $32,404.00; Fund total: $34,093.54. Special Education Fund –Career Connections, Monitoring, $42.96; Cornbelt Educational, Services, $15,016.75; Goodcare, PT/OT, $3,645.24; Fund total: $18,704.95. Food Service – Bimbo Bakeries, Bread, $480.94; Cash Way, Food Purchases, $8,831.20; Ethan School, Reimburse Check, $906.67; Prairie Farms, Food Purchases, $2,108.60. Fund Total: $12,327.41 Trust & Agency Fund – Avesis Third Party, Ins Reimbursement, $12.88; Delta Dental, Ins Reimbursement, $65.46; Danielle Erdmann, Vball Ref, $95.00; Hauff Mid America, Warmups Vball, $825.00; Bridgette Mueller, Vball Ref, $132.46; Susan Roudabush, Tickets/ National FFA; State of SD Div of Criminal, Background Check, $86.50; Danielle Erdmann, Ref Vball; $95.00; Kristi Anderson, MBA Gift, $89.67; Sara Fergen, Line Judge, $40.00; Great Plains Zoo, Field Trip, $126.50; Kaci Connor, Line Judge, $40.00; Tacey Dykstra, Ref, $156.20; Cole Hinckley, Reimburse Class Supplies, $55.38; Karen Jarding, MBA Gift, $65.41; Shane Thill, Vball Ref, $95.00; Deviney Tuttle, Line Judge, $40.00; Reed Harter, Coronation Decorating, $56.36; Nicole Neugebauer, JH Vball, $228.00; Susan Roudabush, FFA/Reimburse Supplies, $886.48; Mariah Royston, Supplies for Coronation, $22.16; Ashley Clauson, Walmart Supplies, $11.59; Jayden Henglefelt, Walmart Supplies, $19.11; Cole Hinckley, FFA Supplies, $29.82; SD FCCLA, Fall Leadership, $100.00; Susan Tilberg, Line Judge, $40.00; Bridgette Muller, Ref, $140.49; Bridgette Mueller, Ref, $140.49; Deviney Tuttle, Line Judge, $40.00; Marcy Vanzee, Ref, $95.00. Motion by Jerke and seconded by Klumb to approve the surplus items from Special Education Room. Motion carried with all members present voting aye. Discuss roofing project. Motion by Klumb and seconded by Bainbridge to adjourn at 6:36PM. Motion carried with all members present voting aye. The next regular meeting will be Monday, November 14th, 2022, at 6:00PM. Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $53.81. (Oct. 15, 2022) 111820