City of Mitchell C461129-12 DATE: June 1

City of Mitchell C461129-12 DATE: June 15, 2022 FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT TO ALL INTERESTED GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES AND PUBLIC GROUPS As required by guidelines for the preparation of environmental impact statements, an environmental review has been performed on the proposed Clean Water State Revolving Fund action below: PROJECT: Livesay Lane Wastewater and Storm Water LOCATION: Mitchell, South Dakota PROJECT NUMBER: C4611129-12 TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $1,245,000 The city of Mitchell plans to extend wastewater and storm sewer infrastructure into CJM’s Second Addition, a planned residential development north of Lake Mitchell. The project will provide sewer and storm sewer facilities to the CJM Second Addition, which is within 400 feet of existing public utilities. Approximately 3,250 feet of sewer line would be installed, along with about 2,330 feet of storm sewer piping, and a detention basin to store and convey flows beyond the capacity of the drainage system. The development is accessed by Livesay Lane, along which most of the construction will occur. Construction will also occur adjacent to Livesay Lane, in an area of previously undisturbed agriculture land. The city of Mitchell has applied for a $1,245,000 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan. The loan will have a rate of 2.125 percent and a term of 30 years. A project surcharge of $0.91 would be required to repay the loan. Current wastewater rates in Mitchell are $40.74 based on 5,000 gallons usage. The project will not affect any historical or archaeological resources as determined by a Cultural Resources Inventory Survey of the project area. In the event of an archaeological or historical resource being unearthed during construction, work will be stopped, and the State Historic Preservation Office will be notified. The project should have no direct or indirect adverse effects on plant life or wildlife. The improvements, if necessary, will be flood proofed to above the 100-year base flood elevation. The proposed project will not adversely affect wetlands. The United States Department of Agriculture determined that there will be no significant impact on farmland of statewide importance in Davison County, and the Department of Agriculture determined that no further alternatives need be considered. The review process did not indicate that significant environmental impacts would result from the proposed action. Consequently, a preliminary decision not to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement has been made. This action is taken on the basis of a careful review of the engineering report, environmental information documents, and other supporting data which are on file at the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR), Division of Financial and Technical Assistance, Pierre, South Dakota, and are available for public scrutiny at the Mitchell city office in Mitchell, South Dakota. Comments supporting or disagreeing with this decision may be submitted for consideration by DANR. After evaluating the comments received, the Department will make a final decision; however, no final administrative action will be taken on the project for at least 30 calendar days after release of the Finding of No Significant Impact. /s/ Michael A. Perkovich, Program Administrator Environmental Funding Program Published once at an approximate cost of $36.18 (June 15, 2022) 73055