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Helmut Schmidt

Helmut Schmidt is a reporter for The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead's business news team. Readers can reach him by email at, or by calling (701) 241-5583.

Event put on by the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce included experts from the banking, energy, agriculture, technology, retail, manufacturing and retail sectors.
The new brand name, which plays well with the frozen food home delivery firm’s distinctive yellow trucks, is meant to capture the company’s "optimistic spirit."
Modulist will handle community news items for O'Rourke, which operates digital and print publications around the U.S.
It's one of life's inevitabilities that 100% of all businesses and organizations will have to transition to new leadership. Planning for the change well in advance helps ensure a firm can survive and thrive.
Autonomous impact protection vehicle demonstration at Grand Farm, just south of Fargo, used to announce pilot program planned for state's highways in 2021.
FARGO - Here are some important things to know about the Paycheck Protection Program, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
FARGO - Julie Saatoff is hoping to make a big splash when she opens for business. Or, at least, she hopes the area’s dogs will.
FARGO - David Elliott is counting on a more dynamic, modern marketing strategy to help Haggard Hockey's carbon fiber sticks score big with the region's hockey players.
Repairs for a minor front or rear collision on a car with advanced systems can easily hit $5,300, more than twice the cost for a vehicle without those systems.
FARGO--When it comes to fraud and embezzlement, no company or organization is guaranteed to be immune. Not even the church. Bishop Larry Wohlrabe, head of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Church in America can say amen to that....