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I cover the community of Wadena, Minn., and write mostly features stories for the Wadena Pioneer Journal. The newspaper is owned by Forum Communications Co.

As a professional and experienced journalist, my fact-based reporting has won statewide awards. My work has also appeared in other Forum-owned publications like the Brainerd Dispatch and the Gannett-owned USA Today.

(At the Brainerd Dispatch, I was the arts and entertainment editor and wrote articles for the section. I also write a weekly movie column for Forum that appears in print and online, and can be followed on Twitter at @Frankfilmcritic.)

Have a Wadena-area story suggestion? Call me at work during business hours at (218) 631-6470 or email me at (Please include your contact information, such as name and how to reach you.)

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Hospital medicine is a specialty dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients. Practitioners of hospital medicine include physicians or “hospitalists.” Today, there are more than 50,000 hospitalists working across the United States.
Charles “Bud” Sedlachek was born in Jasper, Minnesota, in 1938, died of congestive heart failure in Brainerd at 83 on Jan. 3. The Crow Wing County farmer loved John Deere equipment, so a John Deere tractor led the funeral procession and he was buried in a custom-ordered John Deere casket.
Medical exams such as mammograms, colonoscopies and pap smears were put off by some people during the coronavirus pandemic because of their concerns related to the in-person services. But with COVID-19 vaccines and masking more common now, local health care providers want people to resume the potentially life-saving visits to the doctor.
“I think — and I think a lot of the kids on the team think as well — that sailing is just the most fun in the world. ... I will say that sailing, particularly the kind of sailing that the high school team does — which is small boat, fairly physical sailing — is unlike any other activity you’re likely to find anywhere.” — Josh Sullivan, coach of the Brainerd High School sailing team.
A woman with her son climbs Saturday, July 18, into an alligator pit with 35 alligators at Safari North Wildlife Park in the Brainerd lakes area to retrieve her wallet while the staff was not watching, according to a co-owner, who said he learned about the incident later. No one is hurt, but the moment is captured on video and goes viral.
Two New York cats last week tested positive for COVID-19, making them the first cases in companion animals nationwide
Practicing social distancing by staying at home, at least until the worst of the coronavirus pandemic has passed? There's plenty of movies and TV shows to watch, especially as a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime subscriber.
Americans take in 3,000 to 4,500 calories celebrating Thanksgiving, according to estimates by the Calorie Control Council, an international association representing the low- and reduced-calorie food and beverage industry.
BRAINERD, Minn. — People spend a lot of their free time online with their digital devices — a shocking and almost unbelievable amount — according to a recently released study by Verizon.
BRAINERD, Minn.-Hosting a backyard barbecue during Memorial Day weekend that makes friends and family sick will make sure it's one holiday gathering that's remembered for years to come, but in a bad way.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevent...