FARGO — A group of North Dakota show creators is searching for contestants as they prepare to publicly launch a homegrown online reality show designed and set in Fargo.

First launched as a private event in 2018, creators of "Elimination Mansion" plan to broadcast season two of the show online. The show combines "social experiments, heart-pumping competitions, and gut-wrenching eliminations," according to its producers.

The venture was spurred by one question.

"'Big Brother' or 'Survivor' — what would it be like to be on a show like that?" asked Jordan Maahs, who helped design the program. "Over time, we decided to give it a try and give people that experience."

Maahs made it happen with the help of some friends. The group held an experimental private season of the show last year, and are now taking applications from potential contestants as they prepare for a full online launch.

The game show takes place in a rented Fargo mansion. Twelve people from the Fargo-Moorhead area take turns competing against one another in various challenges and holding votes to eliminate other players. Game play consists of alliance-building, playing politics, and competing in challenges that test competitors mentally and physically.

"It was an incredibly fun experience," said season one finalist Stephen Appel.

Appel participated in the inaugural season "practice" season, where he said producers worked out the kinks of competition. It wasn't shared over social media, and was solely for participants to experience and test out competitions.

For example, in one trial last season, contestants balanced marbles on Frisbee discs. The last one holding marbles won immunity from elimination.

Season two aims to take the next step forward and truly make "Elimination Mansion" into a show, its creators said.

Viewers can either buy tickets for a livestream of the event, which will run March 16-March 17, or watch one minute mini-episodes shot for Instagram after the season concludes.

"Sign up, lie, vote, and ultimately win," Maahs said, urging people to sign up.