One person can make a big impact, and that's what the Mitchell Area Community Theatre plans to highlight in its latest production.

The classic holiday story, "It's A Wonderful Life," will be held at the Pepsi-Cola Theatre for the Performing Arts this weekend, bringing George Bailey and his escapades in Bedford Falls to life.

And according to director Andy Thuringer, it'll be worth seeing.

"It's alway labeled as a Christmas movie, and it is," said Thuringer, who is making his debut as a director at ACT. "It's a classic and I think part of the reason it has lasted as a Christmas movie is because it really does resonate with what the season is about and kind of that importance a single person can make."

The production will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday with a 2 p.m. showing on Sunday. It will return for three more shows at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 8 and 9 and 2 p.m. on Dec. 10.

The production features a cast of approximately 20 people, Thuringer said, and the ACT's version will follow the movie closely.

"It's A Wonderful Life" tells the story of George Bailey and his dreams of adventure. But Bailey becomes frustrated as he's tied down with family obligation and civic duty. But he's quickly reminded of what a wonderful life it is when he sees what it would be like had he never been born.

"It's watching his life and how he goes from this young idealist and gets weighed down by sacrifices he makes for other people," Thuringer said. " ... It's beautiful film and if we can capture any of the magic they did, then it'll be a success."

While the ACT production still follows the movie plot fairly closely, Thuringer said there will be some new elements that will surprise the audience as well as many familiar aspects.

Tickets cost $13 and $15, and can be purchased by stopping by the theater, calling 996-9137 or visiting

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it's just a good story about what it means to be good in this world," Thuringer said.