County drops burglary charges against Gregory woman

Gregory courthouse 3 (1).JPG

BURKE — Charges were dropped against a Gregory woman arrested for burglary in October.

Gregory County dismissed charges of first-degree burglary, a Class 2 felony, against 25-year-old Una Waugh on Oct. 24. Gregory County State's Attorney Amy Bartling has not responded to The Daily Republic to comment on why Waugh is no longer being prosecuted.

Waugh was arrested on the night of Oct. 17 after police were called to a Gregory house where a man and woman said they had seen Waugh looking into the house after getting past a locked patio door, according to court documents.

Police reportedly arrested Waugh at her apartment, though she said she hadn't been at the house. She was charged with first-degree burglary because the house she was said to have broken into was occupied, and the alleged offense took place at night.

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