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OUR VIEW: Pressler best candidate in Senate race

Some people have wondered why we've waited this long for our endorsement for the U.S. Senate race.

Partially, it's because we wanted to wait and make our decision on Election Day. It's a tight race in our eyes, even if the polls don't show it.

It's a tight race because we agree with each candidate on different issues.

We've made our decision on the eve of Election Day to endorse Larry Pressler, independent candidate running against a Republican in Mike Rounds, a Democrat in Rick Weiland and another independent in Gordon Howie.

True, when Pressler visited The Daily Republic after announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate race, he may not have been the most captivating candidate we've ever seen. At 72, we weren't convinced he had the fresh voice many South Dakotans feel is needed in our nation's capital. But after seeing him in more than one editorial board visit, and in action during forums and debates, we believe he has the right mix of a new perspective tempered by political experience.

It's true Rounds, and maybe even Weiland, may portray more of the energetic charisma voters like to see in their elected officials. But we've not been impressed with Rounds' responses -- or lack thereof, at times -- to requests for more information on things like EB-5, or even for his presence at debates. And we just can't agree with some of Weiland's or Howie's ideologies.

Pressler has shown a commitment to the position through his attendance at debates and meetings with editorial boards. He has pledged to be more moderate than many other men and women in Congress.

Pressler promises to "end the partisan gridlock," and that's what our country needs more than anything else. Pressler, we believe, will work to help dig our country from a massive budget deficit we're facing.

That Pressler promises he'll only run for one term is also a trait we find positive, so he can focus solely on helping the country and South Dakota.

Admittedly, we have a few reservations about Pressler, too. But looking at all the options, we think Pressler's previous political experience makes him the best option for South Dakota.

We're voting Pressler today for U.S. Senate.