CHEERS to all those who are raising and donating money toward the construction of a new 4-H exhibit hall at the State Fairgrounds in Huron. It was reported last week that more than half of the $4 million needed for the project has been raised. 4-H and the State Fair are vital parts of this state's history, and the exhibit hall will help keep them part of our future.

HISSES to the cancer that took legendary former Northern State University basketball coach Don Meyer from this world too soon. But CHEERS to the example he set not only in achieving excellence as a coach, but perhaps more importantly for the example he set with his courageous return to coaching just four months after a near-fatal car accident and cancer diagnosis several years ago. His courage inspired millions, and his memory will continue to inspire many more people for years to come.

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CHEERS to the community of Kimball for recognizing the importance of health care to its citizens and rallying to raise $650,000 so far for the construction of a new medical clinic. The town's determination sets a great pattern for other small towns to emulate.

HISSES to another criminal suspect who allegedly fled police at high speed. An officer attempted to pull a driver over last Saturday night for speeding, and the driver took off, reaching speeds above 100 mph near the Lake Mitchell Campground. Chases of this nature seem like a monthly occurrence, and they're a terrible danger to the perpetrators, pursuers and innocent bystanders. We encourage judges to deal severely with everyone who engages in such idiotic behavior.

HISSES to former governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds for repeating, during his Friday night visit to Mitchell, his earlier call to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. The same day we printed his comments about that, we also printed a separate story revealing that South Dakota is third-most dependent among all states on federal government aid for K-12 education, receiving 16.4 percent of its K-12 budget from the feds. A man who governed a state so dependent on federal education money lacks the credibility to claim the federal government should have no role in K-12 education. Change and improve the Department of Education? Fine. But calls to abolish it strike us as unrealistic political pandering.