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LETTER: Watch for teachers in church

To the Editor:

Based on her previous writings affirming abortion and rejecting traditional families, I was not surprised with Kristi McLaughlin's position affirming sexually immoral acts.

I agree that homosexuals should not be discriminated against and singled out for condemnation. We all are sinners and should not cast stones of condemnation. But Jesus went on and told the prostitute to go and sin no more, rather than deny her sinful behavior. To deny any act of sexual immorality as sin violates the first step toward teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we deny sin, we have no need for a savior, and thereby no need for Jesus Christ. That would please Satan.

The Apostle Paul taught that it was false teachers who cause division within the Church. So his wisdom is being confirmed today by the breakup of the ELCA that is directly caused by those false teachers who deny sin.

The Bible also says that we are to test teachers with the Word of God in order to sort out the false teachers. I have researched the United Church of Christ and found that it teaches comprehensive sexuality in partnership with the secular public education standards developed by SIECUS, which attacks the idea of abstinence until marriage. SIECUS recently worked with the United Nations to create a sex education agenda that introduces masturbation to 5-year-old children and abortion to 9-year-olds. Teaching and promoting sexual immorality is false teaching.

The UCC also uses the Sexuality and Our Faith series in partnership with the Unitarian Universalists, who are considered a cult as they also deny sin. They too believe there is no need to be saved, so Jesus Christ becomes irrelevant.

Love does not come from Satan, and the Biblical version is not based on physical pleasure. Biblical love is spiritual. That love recognizes what people want and what they need are different. We need confrontation, even if we don't like it. Then we have an opportunity to realize we need Jesus Christ as our savior from our sins. That then leads to our repentance.