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US Supreme Court says SD can charge online sales tax

LETTER: US should stay out of Syria

To the Editor:

In these hours and days, as the nation awaits news of a military strike against President Bashar al-Assad of Syria for his use of chemical weapons against his own people, the impotence of our government and of President Barack Obama have become apparent to the world.

I do not blame him, as others do. The fault lies with the successful attack on government by the new rulers of our nation -- the corporations who have been granted the right to pour an unlimited amount of money into election campaigns by Chief Justice John Roberts and a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court based on "freedom of speech."

"Money talks" is an old cliché that Justice Roberts and company turned into political speech. The money donated by common people to election campaigns cannot begin to match the power now wielded by the corporations, so much so that it is no longer true that the U.S. is a free and democratic nation. It is now a plutocracy ruled by the wealthy, for the wealthy.

Consider the rising incomes of wealthy corporations and the falling incomes of the middle class and the poor, and you have a true picture of our nation. We are no longer free, but bond servants to the rich.

The plutocracy has successfully obstructed the normal functioning of government in the U.S. Perhaps that is why Obama seeks to utilize his remnant of power in a military strike against Assad's regime in Syria, but not one that would remove him from power. Meanwhile, our TV broadcasters are silent about the conflict within Syria between opposing Islamic groups. The fact is, Muslims have been killing Muslims in Syria and elsewhere. Why aren't the Muslims of the East rising up in moral indignation and attacking the Assad regime?

Basically, this a Muslim problem, and I believe the British Parliament has done the wise thing to stay out of it. We have a lot of injustices to set right in our own country.