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US Supreme Court says SD can charge online sales tax

LETTER: Only dishonest should fear NSA surveillance

To the Editor:

Again we are having a big fuss about our NSA surveillance program, as to whether it is legal or not. I can see where the bad guys, the terrorists all over the world and even within our borders, and other bad people would like to have it outlawed and have it eliminated so they could get away with their dirty work.

In this day and age, the people that we have to keep us safe need all the tools they can get to do their job. If you are operating an honest business and not doing anything illegal, why worry if the government is checking up on you?

I would rather have them checking up on me and finding out that I was a good citizen and be safe than have my privacy and die because of it, because the people that were supposed to be protecting me did not have the information they needed to keep me safe.

I believe the president has kind of given up on his vision of what should be done for the good of the country and the general public after having everything he has tried blocked by the Republican Party for so long. He has caved in to the Republican agenda and gone along just to get something done, even though it is not the best that should be done.

The present plan that looks like it might be passed is a far cry from what the country needs.