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Accident causes small power outage near Wagner

Nearly 10 customers lost electricity in rural Charles Mix County on Tuesday afternoon after a vehicle slid into the ditch and ran into a support pole for electric lines.

Russell Gall, member services representative for Charles Mix Electric, said six or seven customers lost power for about two hours. A Yankton Sioux Tribe Housing Authority vehicle slid on a snow-covered gravel road four miles south of Wagner and went in the ditch at 1:53 p.m., said South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Aaron Hanson. The man was not injured or cited.

The support pole, or guy pole, was damaged and caused the electric wires to go slack. When that happened, the wires slapped together and shorted out. Gall said the section of line was not a main line.

A few of the people affected were home at the time and called Charles Mix Electric to report the outage, Gall said.

Crews were out quickly to replace the pole and reattach the wires, which did not break, Gall said.