Salvation Army looks at recovery mode as flood damage continues

Bill Titus, left, unloads flood kits out of the back of a pickup truck to Maj. Adam Moore, center, and Capt. Bill Middendorp behind the Salvation Army on Friday evening in Mitchell. Titus drove to Mitchell from Rapid City with the flood kits while Maj. Moore came up from the Omaha Salvation Army to help Capt. Middendorp in Mitchell. (Matt Gade / Republic)

The Salvation Army Mitchell Corps has had plenty to do after more than 7 inches of rain dropped in the span of 48 hours throughout the area.

Since flooding began last week, the Salvation Army has provided a hot meal for those in Mount Vernon, taken over 200 meals to Spencer through the course of the weekend along with over 200 meals to people in the Lake Andes area.

The Mitchell base has received additional help from other Salvation Army locations throughout the area with representatives coming in to help from Rapid City, Watertown and Omaha, Nebraska, to help with the needs.

Captain Bill Middendorp said the county emergency managers have been especially helpful in their efforts to provide assistance.

"They're the ones that are leading us and deciding where our resources are most needed." Middendorp said.


On Thursday and Friday, the Salvation Army provided hotel rooms for people displaced or who were stranded in Mitchell with nowhere to stay due to the flooding.

Middendorp said both County Fair Food Store and Coborn's in Mitchell helped in relief efforts by donating some of the food provided by the Salvation Army to area communities.

"It's just awesome the way the community is coming together. You're seeing that all over," said Middendorp, who arrived in Mitchell in June after seven years in Chicago. "Amazing thing to see, especially coming out of Chicago and nobody wanted to help anybody."

The Salvation Army set up a temporary shelter at their location at 724 N. Sanborn Blvd.

More than 50 flood kits were given out with with receiving additional kits from the American Red Cross in Rapid City and more coming on Monday for people who need them.

Middendorp said the Salvation Army is also helping out with those impacted in Madison.

“They’re rocked hard up there,” he said. "Mitchell has kind of slowed up here by the way things look. We're moving into recovery mode here in Mitchell."

For the Mitchell area, he said they are looking at more long-term means of helping now that things have started to settle down.


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