Reflections: a memorial keepsake of lives lived

Reflections Keepsake
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In January, we will be publishing a special page titled “Reflections” in the Mitchell Republic.

This will be the first time that we have published a special section of this nature, but it is a common feature among newspapers across the country. The pages have become treasured keepsakes for many, and a cherished way to remember a loved one.

"Reflections" is designed to be a collection of memorials for people in this community who passed away in 2022. Although the section won’t be a comprehensive list of all of the deaths that have occurred in our community during the past year, “Reflections” will include the memorials which were ordered by loved ones or funeral homes when the deceased's obituaries were published in this newspaper.

With the closing of the calendar year, it’s common for local papers to look back on the year’s top news and sports stories. Among those important stories for the year are the deaths of beloved community residents. “Reflections” is meant to give families another chance to pay tribute to their loved ones who passed during the year.

While this will be our first-ever "Reflections", we intend to publish one annually each January to honor those who passed during the year. For more information about including your loved one in "Reflections" in 2023, visit


Modulist is the online portal where families and funeral homes submit obituaries to our newspaper, and many other newspapers throughout our region. When you are creating the obit for a loved one, you’ll be asked if you wish to add “Reflections” to your order. It’s as easy as clicking a box in the ordering process. If you are working through a funeral home to publish your loved one’s obituary, you can ask them to add the memorial to the order as well. The opportunity is available to everyone.

As a community newspaper, one of our goals is to bind people together through their personal stories. And sharing the news of your loved one’s passing in the newspaper, first with an obituary, and then later with a memorial in our annual “Reflections” feature, is a way to share your loved one’s story with the entire community, and allows others who knew them to mourn as well.

Local papers create community and preserve a loved one’s story for the history books. In fact, you could say that local newspapers are a first draft of history. And a big part of that history are the stories of the people who live in the community. That’s what makes our paper so special: We go about the business of chronicling the lives of local residents.

“Reflections” is our newest way to do just that. We hope that you find it as special as we do.

Devlyn Brooks is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and serves Faith Lutheran Church in Wolverton, Minn. He also works for Forum Communications Co. He can be reached at for comments and story ideas.
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