Palace City Profile: Nothing but smiles after moving to Mitchell

Laurie is from the Midwest, having grown up in Iowa, so she already had some idea of what it would be like in Mitchell and why she would like to live here.

Laurie and Grandchildren.jpg
Laurie with her two grandchildren, Gavin, 9 and Joryden, 7. (Courtesy photo)

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Laurie Paulson moved to Mitchell almost two years ago and can’t stop raving about how delightful it is. When asked what brought her to Mitchell, she says her family, daughter, and her grandchildren.

Now that she is here, it sounds like Mitchell has everything she could ever want.

“Down-to-earth people, great cost of living, and all the activities in Mitchell” are what makes Mitchell the place to be for Laurie and her family.

“There is so much to do that we enjoy as a family," she said. "I love the downtown after-hour activities, rodeo, baseball tournaments, boating at the lake with my boyfriend, Mike, and swimming at the aquatics center.”


Laurie landed in Mitchell to be with her daughter Chrissie Guffey, son-in-law Jerry, and grandchildren Gavin, 9; and Joryden, 7. They are the ones who convinced her Mitchell was a great place.

Laurie is from the Midwest, having grown up in Iowa, so she already had some idea of what it would be like in Mitchell and why she would like to live here. She said she has always liked the Midwest. For over 20 years, she worked in the retail and grocery industry in Washington, Oregon, and more recently, Anchorage, Alaska.

Laurie loves adventure, and when she retired from Kroeger/Fred Meyers corporation, she headed to Mitchell. Now that she’s here, she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

After moving to Mitchell, she returned to the grocery industry, working as relief manager for County Fair Food Stores. She loves working at County Fair as well as her second job at Platinum Players Club.

Laurie stated, “If you have worked for a corporation, you really appreciate working for local businesses.”

“They take good care of their employees.”

“County Fair is such a wonderful place to work. Everyone takes pride in making the store look the best and be the best.”

Laurie has met so many new people at both of her jobs. She adds, “I know many who travel a long way to shop at County Fair because they love the store so much. I feel a sense of family among the employees at both workplaces. You don’t dread going to work.”


Being with family was her draw to Mitchell but what keeps her here is the great community, activities, and friendships. Laurie especially appreciated the city leadership during the pandemic. “They kept us open and working and I really thought they did the right thing for Mitchell. I feel lucky to live here.”

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