Wally Jones Celebrates 100th


This Halloween baby has led a long  and full life! He was born and raised on the the family farm South of Mt. Vernon. In his youth he helped his Dad farm with horses and at 100 has been in farm equipment with his son that drive themselves. He attended school in Mt. Vernon and while at Northern State College was drafted and served his country in WWII. When he returned home he took Fern Jorgensen as his bride and together they raised their 5 children, Laura, Ginny, Janie, John and Lyndy. Wally and Fern have always taken great pride in their children and Grandchildren. In their retirement they enjoyed trips in the US and abroad. Wally also enjoyed woodworking, gardening, and his daily bike rides checking out the crops! But home and family were their favorite until Fern’s passing after almost 69 years of marriage. Wally’s legacy over his 100 years  would be his Faith in God, love of family, his positive and amiable attitude and big smile!       

 PLEASE SEND CARD SHOWER GREETINGS to Wally at  AVERA BRADY, 500 S. Ohlman, Mitchell, SD 57301 

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