Paid political letter: Vote for Lake Mitchell

Ideas and opinions in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stance of this paper. The author of this letter has paid for its placement.

The eight lots the city would like to sell are designated as public parks. None of these are parks and none are desirable for a family picnic, and most are not accessible for water sports.

Because the lots are owned by the city, they aren’t generating any property tax. If they’re sold, they have the potential of generating a million dollars, a nice sum for the Lake Fund. Even better, the property will be taxed annually.

These parcels have not been easy for the city to maintain, hence adjoining property owners have often been forced to mow the weeds and keep the lots looking decent. Shoreline stabilization and maintenance are expectations of property owners at their expense and a hefty one at that.

This is an opportunity to clean up these lots. One of the lots, located in the bay, has a steep cliff with an enormous, downed tree, which is all visible from the water. This lot has grown consistently worse over the decades.

In the late eighties or early nineties a few city lots were sold with the proceeds going to clear and develop the lot where N. Ohlman Street intersects with Lake Mitchell and West Harmon Dr. begins. It created a well-used and desirable beach. We are lucky to have several beach areas to enjoy and having funds from the sales of these vacant lots will help the lake cleanup efforts.

Please vote yes in support of selling these lots and support the forward planning for Lake Mitchell, a community gem few eastern South Dakota communities have!

Thank you,

Tona Rozum

Mitchell, SD