Dan Ahlers For U.S. Senate

This letter is paid content. South Dakota is fortunate when someone hardworking, focused and personable wants to serve us in the U.S. Senate. This person is Dan Ahlers. We are supporting Dan Ahlers because of who he is and his South Dakota values:

-Family man

-Successful small business owner

-President of his local Chamber of Commerce

-Former state senator who had many accomplishments

-He will be a strong voice for family farmers and ranchers.

-Ahlers supports strong public education.

-He’s committed to investing in infrastructure and renewable energy.

-If elected he will have in-person town halls.

Our state needs someone who will not take us for granted and will fight for us in Washington. When someone with outstanding leadership qualities wants to represent us, we need to give him the opportunity. Dan Ahlers is the right person for the U.S. Senate from South Dakota. Make a plan to vote for Dan Ahlers.

Kathy Ewing, Anne Smith, Betty Plowe, Joan Dolejsi,

Linda Burg, Louise McGannon, Jacqueline Berggren,

Ione Klinger, Jan Quenzer, Bernie Brooks, Kathy Haider,

Mary Persson, Donna Krietlow, Leanne Bradwisch