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National Pedal Pull draws 400 kids to the Corn Palace

Sadie Barnes, 4-years old, came all the way from Ohio to compete in the 2018 National Pedal Pull at the Corn Palace this weekend. (Sheila Slater/Daily Republic)

The National Pedal Pull Association drew more than 400 kids with their families in tow at this year's competition inside the Corn Palace. Tractor pedal pull has been a tradition in South Dakota for more than 30 years—the state joined the national pedal pullers 28 years ago.

"We've been in Omaha for a number of years and for 10 years we have been coming to the Corn Palace in Mitchell," said Chad Stevicks, board member at the National Pedal Pull Association. "It's a great facility for the tractor pull. We are inside and out of the weather elements. There is great seating and I just can't say enough about the great staff at the Corn Palace. "They do a great job with the set up for the state and the national pull."

About 1,600 people cheered for the kids, age 4 to 12, while visibly enjoying the hard work the young pedal pullers put in.

"It's amazing how strong some of these kids are. We judge the boys and girls separately because if we don't the girls are going to beat the boys everytime," Stevicks said.

The association works with the local hotel and motels in town ahead of the event to make sure accommodations can be found for the many pedal pull families, some coming in to Mitchell from as far as Vermont or Oregon. Eighteen states are actively involved in the national pedal pull association.

"We had some Oregon kids here this year, and that and Vermont are the furthest states away from South Dakota to attend. The majority of kids though comes from a six state region. They are from North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin and Iowa. That is the heart of the pull," Stevicks said.

Corn Palace Director Scott Schmidt was likewise very pleased with the turnout and pointed out that Troy Magnuson, manager at the Corn Palace gift shop, participated in the welcoming ceremony for the attendees and visitors and explained the meaning of every inside mural art designed by Oscar Howe.

"Anytime you can host a national event in your facility it's something to be appreciated and to be proud of. It's remarkable that we can host this amazing event and we are glad that the National Pedal Pullers Association brings it here," Schmidt said.

This year's National Pedal Pull was dedicated to Roger Neumann, who died on last month. Neumann was the president of the Wisconsin State Pedal Pullers Association and avid collector of pedal tractors, toy and big tractors.

Girls, age 4: First, Morgan Holt, Missouri, 31 feet, 3 inches. Second, Katelyn Groskreutz, Minnesota, 27 feet, 2 inches. Third, Zoey DeRock, Minnesota, 26 feet, 5 inches. Fourth, Aspen Klemp, Wisconsin, 24 feet. Fifth, Brynlee Basinger, Iowa, 23 feet.

Boys, age 4: First, Kase Hawkins, Missouri, 29 feet, 7 inches. Second, Anthony Mitchell, Ohio, 29 feet, 4 inches. Third Kruz Kapsner, Minnesota, 27 feet, 11 inches. Fourth, Ty Hamilton, Iowa, 26 feet, 5 inches. Fifth, Easton Kavan, Nebraska, 26 feet, 4 inches.

Girls, age 5: First, Alexis Cummings, Nebraska, 30 feet. Second, Berklie Mellegard, South Dakota, 30 feet in first and second pull, 25 feet, 20 inches in third pull. Third, Isabella Albers, Iowa, 30 feet in first pull, 29 feet, 2 inches in second pull. Fourth, Serenity Humphrey, Wisconsin, 28 feet, 9 inches. Fifth, Elyn Wierzba, Wisconsin, 28 feet, 5 inches.

Boys, age 5: First, Blake Mielke, Wisconsin, 27 feet, 8 inches. Second, Tristan Johnson, Wisconsin, 26 feet. Third, Nolan Ferguson, Nebraska, 25 feet, 4 inches. Fourth, Brantley Conrady, Illinois, 24 feet, 2 inches. Fifth, Mason Hackbart, Nebraska, 23 feet, 10 inches.

Girls, age 6: first, Kalley Anderson, Missouri, 39 feet, 8 inches. Second, Kyleigh Funk, Kansas, 39 feet, 3 inches. Third, Brylee Garry, South Dakota, 38 feet, 4 inches. Fourth, Kellyn Smith, Iowa, 38 feet, 2 inches. Fifth, Georja Pechous, South Dakota, 36 feet, 1 inch.

Boys, age 6: First, dominic Ortiz, Colorado, 38 feet, 5 inches. Second, Landen Schaefer, Nebraska, 38 feet. Third, Kyler Shippers, Iowa, 36 feet, 11 inches. Fourth, Reed Johnson, Iowa, 34 feet, 7 inches. Fifth Leighton Olson, Minnesota, 33 feet, 9 inches.

Girls, age 7: First, Sienna Maier, Wisconsin, 30 feet. Second, Cooper Bentley, Kansas, 28 feet, 8 inches. Third, Chyane Letexier, North Dakota, 28 feet, 5 inches. Fourth, Braelynn Peterson, Minnesota, 28 feet. Fifth, Raelyn Myren, Wisconsin, 27 feet, 8 inches.

Boys, age 7: First, Ryder Conrady, Illinois, FP on first pull, 29 feet, 5 inches on second pull. Second, Lane Pauel, FP on first pull, 25 feet, 5 inches on second pull. Third, Trig Kapsner, Minnesota, FP on first pull, 25 feet, 2 inches on second pull. Fifth, Tyson Krahmer, Iowa, FP on first pull, 24 feet on second pull.

Girls, age 8: First, Mya Lanus, Minnesota, Full, 36 feet, 6 inches on second pull. Second, Kelsie Blom, Minnesota, Full, 32 feet, 6 inches on second pull. Third, Nevaeh Hutton, Wisconsin, 39 feet, 9 inches. Fourth, Natalee Miller, Iowa, 39 feet, 7 inches. Fifth, Ella Schaakle, Illinois, 39 feet, 1 inch.

Boys, age 8: First, Ian Sexton, Minnesota, Full. second, Lawson Noy, South dakota, 37 feet, 2 inches. Third, Boden Draper, Minnesota, 34 feet, 2 inches. Fourth, Austin Denker, Nebraska, 32 feet, 7 inches. Fifth, T.J. Logan, Ohio, 32 feet.

Girls, age 9: First, Ava Marts, South Dakota, FP on first and second pull, 29 feet, 6 inches on third pull. Second Aryiana Schultz, Minnesota, FP on first and second pull, 26 feet, 10 inches on third pull. Third, Maleena Steins, Minnesota, FP on first pull, 26 feet, 8 inches on second pull. Fourth, Riann Schwarze, Iowa, FP on first and second pull, 26 feet, 7 inches on third pull. Fifth, Madelyn Roesler, Wisconsin, FP on first and second pull, 26 feet, 6 inches.

Boys, age 9: First, Connor Carr, Wisconsin, 29 feet, 6 inches. Second, Ashten Dorhout, South Dakota, 25 feet, 5 inches. Third, Brayden Kuker, Iowa, 25 feet, 2 inches. Fourth, Payton Rueth, Wisconsin, 24 feet, 7 inches. Fifth, Joseph Barka, Minnesota, 24 feet, 2 inches.

Girls, age 10: First, Taylor Johnson, Wisconsin, Full. Second, Elsie Gonzales, Kansas, 38 feet, 10 inches. Third, Lillyn Boonstra, Minnesota, 38 feet, 9 inches. Fourth, Matilda Carleton, Minnesota, 38 feet, 2 inches. Fifth, Brooklyn Berg, Iowa, 36 feet, 6 inches.

Boys, age 10: First, Zachary Zeleke, Minnesota, FP, 35 feet, 6 inches on second pull. Second, Shawn Holten, Wisconsin, FP, 33 feet on second pull. Third, Casen Arterburn, Minnesota, 38 feet, 8 inches. Fourth, Corbin Coffman, Iowa, 36 feet, 11 inches. Fifth, Zane Doke, Nebraska, 36 feet.

Girls, age 11: First, Charlotte Slama, 27 feet, 1 inch. Second, Michelle Reynolds, Minnesota, 25 feet, 6 inches. Third, Gabrielle Dehn, Minnesota, 25 feet. Fourth, Kiersten Dockerty, Nebraska, 24 feet, 3 inches. Fifth, Alexis Wilber, Nebraska, 23 feet, 8 inches.

Boys, age 11: First, Israel Overson, South Dakota, 23 feet, 8 inches. Second, Connor Dixon, Kansas, 22 feet, 9 inches. Third, Thomas Gavinski, Minnesota, 21 feet, 1 inch. Fourth, Mason Heise, Wisconsin, 20 feet, 2 inches. Fifth, Luke Detterman, Iowa, 20 feet, 1 inch.

Girls, age 12: First, Ellie Mewes, Iowa, FP, 38 feet, 2 inches on second pull. Second, Maggie Riffle, Iowa, FP, 34 feet, 5 inches on second pull. Third, Cayla Hill, Wisconsin, 39 feet. Fourth, Rylee Schwarze, Iowa, 38 feet, 11 inches. Fifth, Gracie Pechous, South Dakota, 38 feet, 2 inches.

Boys, age 12: First, Eli Kirkus, Oklahoma, FP, 30 feet on second pull. Second, Isaac Stromberg, Nebraska, 25 feet, 10 inches on first pull, 26 feet, 11 inches on second pull. Third, Canyon Burkhard, South Dakota, 25 feet, 10 inches on first pull, 24 feet, 2 inches on second pull. Fourth, Jacob Hanback, Kansas, 23 feet, 7 inches. Fifth, Charles Dulas, Minnesota, 23 feet, 2 inches.