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Results from the 2018 South Dakota State Pedal Pull

Noah Christiansen, of Parker, pushes to the finish line with the help of his great uncle Jim Christiansen, right, on Monday for the S.D. State Pedal Pull at the Corn Palace. Christiansen competed in the 5-year-old boys division and placed first to win the division. (Sam Fosness / Republic)1 / 2
Ryken Grosz, of Harrison, works his way to the finish line during the South Dakota State Pedal Pull on Monday at the Corn Palace. Grosz competed in the 6-year-old boys division and had a successful full pull. (Sam Fosness / Republic)2 / 2

Results from the 2018 South Dakota State Pedal Pull competition held at the Corn Palace on Monday.

4-year-old girls: Olivia Pechous, of Tabor, first place; Elsie Pavel, of Lesterville,

second place; Kaylee Sestak, of Tabor, third place.

4-year-old boys: Mason Reints, of Chancellor, first place; Conrad Paulson, of Hudson, second place; Noah Hall, of Lennox, third place.

5-year-old girls: Berklie Mellegaard, of Sioux Falls, first place; Brianna Helling, of Elk Point, second place; Kiersten Mittelstedt, of Huron, third place.

5-year-old boys: Noah Christiansen, of Parker, first place; Brock Kickhafer, of Clearwater, Minn., second place; Kristoff Fiala, of Crooks, third place.

6-year-old girls: Brylee Garry, of Hartford, first place; Georja Pechous, of Tabor, second place;

Cordella Nieuwsma, of Harrisburg, third place.

6-year-old boys: Chase Miller, of Mitchell, first place; Jagger Groeneweg, of Corsica, second place; Zack Pahl, of Claremont, third place.

7-year-old girls: Meile Mellegaard, of Sioux Falls, first place; Kylie Stinson, of Dakota, Minn., second place; Lana Buseman, of Davis, third place.

7-year-old boys: Lane Pavel, of Lesterville, first place; Rystan Rabbitt, of Jefferson, second place; Jeffery Richey, of Tabor, third place.

8-year-old girls: Kyra Heupel, of Aberdeen, first place; Sierra Cordell, of Hurley, second place;

Aubryanna Schmit, of Hot Springs, third place.

8-year-old boys: Lawson Novy, of Milbank, first place; Luke Wallace, of Canton, second place; Elliot Klein, of Egan, third place.

9-year-old girls: Ava Marts, of Parker, first place; Magdalina Heyda, of Tiatah, Minn., second place; Leah Golas, of Yankton, third place.

9-year-old boys: Ashton Domout, of Madison, first place; Elijah Stinson, of Dakota, Minn., second place; Jadon Rohrbach, Roscoe, third place.

10-year-old girls: Aniston Henning, of Crook, first place; Darrian Anderson, of Egan, second place; Allison Konrad, of Watertown, third place.

10-year-old boys: Kirby Olson, of Ortonville, Minn., first place; Talen Olson, of Castlewood, second place; Grant Wilkinson, of DeSmet, third place.

11-year-old girls: Gabriella Olson, of Corsica, first place; Isabella Soukup, of Sioux Falls, second place; Karlie Haney, of Gregory, third place.

11-year-old boys: Israel Ouverson, of Madison, S.D., first place; Tristen Dorhout, of Madison, S.D., second place; Luke Smart, of Valley Springs, third place.

12-year-old girls: Gracie Pechous, of Tabor, first place; Kiylee Westra, of Centerville, second place; Alyssa Howard, of Pierre, third place.

12-year-old boys: Canyon Burkard, of Oacoma, first place; Spencer Kjellerson, of Scotland, second place; Jonathan Mireles, of St. James, Minn., third place.