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Around the region: Winner and Freeman

Around the Region


HEALTHCARE CENTER PARTICIPATES IN PILOT PROGRAM: Winner Regional Healthcare Center was one of two hospitals selected to participate in a pilot program overseen by the South Dakota Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Collaborative (EHDI). The pilot program conducts pediatric teleaudiology diagnostic testing to identify the degree of an infant's hearing. The new program will help detect hearing issues, allowing for early intervention, which is essential to prevent further impact of hearing deficits. The test is conducted in two parts; the first part consists of a direct visualization of the ear canal and the second part consists of an auditory brainstem response testing (ABR). During the ABR test, data is collected based on the brain's response to different sounds. EHDI hopes the pilot program will become a permanent testing option for future newborns.

— Winner Advocate


RAIN RUNOFF AFFECTING LAND WEST OF TOWN: Several farmers expressed concern about rain runoff during the Freeman City Council meeting on July 5. The speed of which the water drained from higher ground to lower ground was startling to many people. The result of the drainage resulted in washed out roads due to culvert and ditch overflow and flooded farmland west of Freeman. Mark Bauer, whose farm is seven miles west of Freeman, said as more areas in the city that naturally hold water are developed, drainage problems and impact on downstream landowners will increase. The city installed a small retention pool several years ago for the water headed west, but it was too small to handle the amount of water that fell last month. Many landowners west of town suggested the city look at adding a second retention pond on the west side of town.

— Freeman Carrier