This year's rodeo royalty were chosen Thursday during the opening night of action at the 2019 Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo.

Queen royalty

Miss Corn Palace Stampede Queen, Maddison Arnold; Miss Congeniality, Maddison Arnold; Queen Horsemanship Award, Maddison Arnold; Queen Speech Award, Maddison Arnold; First runner up, Maddison Arnold.

Princess royalty

Miss Corn Palace Stampede Princess, Avery Miller; Miss Congeniality, Avery Miller; Princess Horsemanship, Avery Miller; Princess Speech Award, Avery Miller.

Junior Princess Royalty

Miss Corn Palace Stampede Junior Princess, Sophia Williams; Miss Congeniality, Sophia Williams; Junior Princess Horsemanship, Sophia Williams; Junior Princess Speech Award, Sophia Williams; Junior Princess first runner up, Brooklyn Hohn.

Junior Queen Royalty

Miss Corn Palace Stampede Junior Queen, Bailey Feistner; Miss Congeniality, Bailey Feistner; Junior Queen Horsemanship, Bailey Feistner; Junior Queen Speech Award, Bailey Feistner; Junior Queen runner up, Samantha Ford.