HEI Acquires Boundary Engineering

On Tuesday, September 25, Jeff LeDoux [President/CEO of Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI)] and Shawn Soehren (President and founder of Boundary Engineering) finalized HEI’s acquisition of Boundary Engineering with a handshake and a signature. With the ink dry, Shawn Soehren and Kory Schweitzer have officially become part of the HEI family.

Shawn and Kory each bring with them a wealth of municipal experience along with a variety of other skillsets. Together, they have provided exceptional services to clients in western North Dakota by following philosophies that align well with HEI’s own.

HEI and Boundary Engineering saw an opportunity to serve our collective clients better together than we could apart. With Shawn and Kory on board, the clients who already rely on HEI to serve them throughout western North Dakota and across the nearby borders will have two new (and exceptional) professionals right in Dickinson to call on for a wide variety of needs. Those clients who have come to trust Shawn and Kory over the years can still count on these two to provide the same services they always have. But more than that, Shawn and Kory now have the horsepower of HEI’s 200+ professionals behind them as well as the ability to offer new services and technologies.

“This acquisition helps realize HEI’s five-year strategic plan and fulfills our commitment to be ‘prudently investing in growth,’” says Jeff LeDoux. “HEI will continue to look for intelligent and practical opportunities to better serve our clients, improve our culture for our employees, and expand the services we offer and the areas in which we offer them. This acquisition is a win-win for both our companies and will create continued growth and opportunities for years to come. HEI and Boundary aligned together provides ideal and new services to our clients in western North Dakota. We are excited that Shawn and Kory will be part of the HEI team.”