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Daily Republic reader question: An announcement by the city of Mitchell that ran in The Daily Republic last week said Dependable Recycling would follow the city's garbage collection during Thanksgiving week. It claimed that if my garbage was regularly to be picked up Friday, my recycling would be collected that same day. It wasn't picked up Friday, and we also heard people didn't get their recycling picked up on Wednesday. What's going on?

Answer: A representative of Dependable Recycling on Monday said the company always collects recyclables one day late following the holiday, despite what the city of Mitchell's announcement said. The employee said Wednesday and Thursday's recyclables should have been picked up on Friday but the company did not go out due to inclement weather.

City residents pay $4 per month for recycling services whether they participate in recycling or not. Dependable Recycling's contract with the city of Mitchell ends on Dec. 31. The Dependable Recycling employee said all customers will have their recycling picked up on the normal day this week.