Amanda Radke named to congressman's agricultural advisory committee

Radke joins 24 other agricultural experts in advising Glenn Thompson (R-PA), the newly chosen chair of the House Agricultural Committee.

Amanda Radke speaking at an event in March 2019.
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MITCHELL — Mitchell's Amanda Radke has been named as a member of United States Congressman Glenn Thompson’s (R-PA) National Agricultural Campaign Advisory Committee.

Radke is an agricultural journalist as well as an acclaimed children’s book author. As part of the committee, she will join a team of 25 agricultural experts from 18 states, who will advise Thompson and represent the concerns of their area of the country and sector of the industry. Thompson, chosen Jan. 3 by the Republican party to chair the House Agricultural Committee, created the committee Radke now serves on to serve the wide-ranging concerns of the nation's agricultural industry.

Radke said the agriculture industry faces many issues and that she's looking forward to "providing our nation’s food producers with effective solutions to their issues."

"I am very excited to welcome Amanda Radke to my NACAC," said Congressman Thompson in a statement. "Ms. Radke is a South Dakota beef cattle rancher and an agricultural educator, writer, author, and speaker. I am proud to have her support.”

One issue Radke holds at the forefront is the shrinking profit margin for cattle producers, who rely on a meatpacking industry increasingly dominated by its four largest companies. She is also working on legislation that would allow veterinarians to USDA-licensed inspectors.


“As of now, farmers have to drive hours to license their beef, which costs a lot of money and time,” Radke said.

Radke is also concerned about the next generation of farmers, and the future of the nation’s food.

“Because of high costs, young people can’t get into farming. I also know many farmers have left the industry … There are big questions about where our beef will come from.”

Radke can be reached online at , where she urges anyone with concerns about the agriculture industry to reach out and share their concerns.

Kai Englisch joined The Mitchell Republic in 2023, where he currently works as a general assignment reporter covering the greater Mitchell area. Englisch graduated from St. John's College in 2022, receiving a B.A. in Liberal Arts. He speaks German and conversational Spanish.
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