Once again, Vantage Point Solutions is set to expand.

Jacki Miskimins, Vantage Point director of marketing, recently confirmed the company will be expanding its Mitchell headquarters. However, the scale of the expansion and the number of jobs it will create has yet to be announced, Miskimins said.

The Mitchell-based telecommunications engineering and consulting business that started 19 years ago has grown at a rapid pace, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Miskimins pointed to the continued growth the company is experiencing following the recent merger with GVNW Consulting, a Colorado-based telecom consulting firm, as a big factor that’s driving the expansion.

“We are very excited about the expansion, though at this point the timeline for construction isn’t quite clear,” Miskimins said in an interview with the Mitchell Republic. “The expansion is being spurred by the growth we are already experiencing, even since the merger last year. Certainly the merger went very well, and it’s been an exciting year working together. We’re focused on the right things and growth is coming from that."

Since the merger took place a little over a year ago, Miskimins said Vantage Point has experienced growth in almost every facet of the company. The merger added four physical offices across the country, including Oregon, Illinois, Colorado and Texas. Miskimins said the company is committed to keeping the headquarters in Mitchell, which is where it all started.

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Vantage Point’s most recent expansion in 2018 nearly doubled its office space in Mitchell, with the 25,000-square-foot addition. The 2018 expansion that cost roughly $3 million added 70 office spaces. The headquarters now has 55,000-square feet of space and 160 offices.

“Even with the expansion in 2018, we are still not able to accommodate everything at the rate we are growing," Miskimins said.

What’s behind the rapid growth of the company? Broadband internet has become increasingly vital, as more industries are implementing computer-based technology. The pandemic has only added to the importance of high-speed broadband internet access, as more people and workers communicate with each other remotely through online video calls.

While Vantage Point has been rolling out the infrastructure to bring broadband internet to rural South Dakota communities, Miskimins said the company is doing the same in states along the east and west coasts.

“Helping bring broadband to rural America has always been critically important. That importance has become more prominent as we worked through the pandemic. Schools, work, entertainment and even birthday parties went online,” she said. “For places that don’t have that quality access to affordable and reliable broadband, last year was a very different story for them.”

With Gov. Kristi Noem’s new broadband initiative that carved out $75 million in the state budget to build-out high-speed broadband internet in rural parts of the state, it could signal even more growth for Vantage Point in the near future.

The initiative aims to leverage matching investments from telecommunications companies with the goal of eventually connecting businesses and homes in the state to the internet.

“We are very engaged as South Dakota, and other states, work to bring broadband to those rural areas that need it and are facing that digital divide,” Miskimins said. “The demand for broadband is increasing day by day.”