After 115 years of doing business on Mitchell’s Main Street, Woelfel Jewelry Store is closing its doors.

A family owned business since opening in 1904, Woelfel Jewelry has provided wedding rings, pendants and diamond necklaces to countless local customers through the years.

Brad Jamison, owner, has spent most of his professional life running the business, carrying on a family tradition in the jewelry industry. Making the decision to close the store that has been a Main Street staple for over a century wasn’t easy, he said.

“I love the jewelry business, and this is all I’ve known since high school. But it was a personal decision, because I’m just kind of tired,” an emotional Jamison said. “Mitchell’s going to miss out on quality jewelry, a good repair facility and a great local business.”

The timeline for the official store closure is loose ended, because Jamison said he intends to keep the doors open at 218 N. Main St. until the entire inventory is sold. From now until the last piece of jewelry sells, Jamison said Woelfel Jewelry will be offering a 40% to 50% discount on all jewelry items.

“I will be open until the holiday season, depending if there are items left. But if we have some inventory left by Jan. 1, 2020, that’s when I’ll likely close the doors for good,” Jamison said Tuesday, while cleaning a ring in his workshop at the back of the store.

When Jamison says his final goodbyes to the loyal staff he credits for providing superb customer service, he will close out a 35-year chapter as the owner and manager of one of Mitchell’s first local jewelry shops.

Taking over the helm from his parents, Bill and Doris Jamison, Brad expanded the products Woelfel’s offered during his time as the owner and operator.

With two grown children who reside in Mitchell, and welcoming several grandchildren recently, Jamison said he and his wife Donna are looking forward to spending quality time as a family.

“I’m going to have to fill in some gaps until I make my next move, but I love my grandkids,” he said. “My kids don’t have an interest in keeping the business, and that also had a small impact for me to close.”

Jamison said he will miss providing memorable moments to loyal customers; above all, he said, it’s the relationships he’s developed with the Mitchell community that he will miss the most.

As he put the final touches on a ring Tuesday while sitting in his workshop chair, Jamison reflected on how grateful he and his family have been to serve the Mitchell community.

“I’m really going to miss the people,” Jamison said. “I’m very fortunate to have so many great memories I’ve made here.”