Three of the area's favorite delicacies will be provided by local businesses and will be on display at a reception for the USS South Dakota submarine commissioning next week in Connecticut.

Chislic, kuchen and popcorn balls will be on the menu for more than 2,500 guests and sailors at the reception following the event in in Groton, Connecticut on Feb. 2.

The USS South Dakota Commissioning Committee partnered with Kepp's Chislic and Pietz's Kuchen Kitchen, both of Scotland, and the Original Kimball Popcorn Ball Company, of Kimball, due to their ongoing success in representing their respected delicacies throughout the state of South Dakota, according to a press release.

"We wanted to include the best foods from South Dakota to celebrate this milestone event in our state's history," said Commissioning Committee Co-Chairman Tom Muenster. "It will be fantastic to have great South Dakota traditions like Kepp's Chislic, Pietz's Kuchen and Original Kimball Popcorn Balls at the commissioning ceremony in Connecticut."

Chislic is the South Dakota state "nosh" and kuchen is the South Dakota state dessert. Chislic consists to prime cuts of cubed lamb that are deep fried and served with garlic salt. Kuchen is a pastry with a sweet dough, custard filling and a fruit topping. Kimball Popcorn Balls are made from fresh popped popcorn mixed with melted marshmallows.

The South Dakota legislature has recognized chislic and kuchen as "official foods" of South Dakota. Each of these specialty foods are unique to South Dakota and enjoyed across the state.

The Navy submarine will carry 14 officers and 117 enlisted servicemen and will be armed with payload tubes that can hold vertical launch Tomahawk missiles that can strike land targets more than 1,200 miles away. The ship is powered by a nuclear reactor, which provides an unlimited source of fuel lasting the lifespan of the ship, which is expected to be over 30 years.