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SD gas prices drop, but remain higher than last month's average

Eyeing a road trip to warmer weather? You're in luck.

According to AAA this week, gasoline prices dropped in 78 percent of the 50 states, including a 2-cent drop per gallon in South Dakota. The national average is 3 cents below last week's total.

"Motorist filling up the Midwest, South and East Coast are most likely to see the positive change at the pump," said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokesperson. "Unfortunately, it's too early to know if this one-week decline is that start of a cheaper gas price trend."

The current average gas price in South Dakota is $2.556, which is up from last month's average of $2.477. It's also up from last year's average of $2.335. It's down, however, from last week's $2.575 average.