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An almost 50-year veteran of the newspaper business, Amundson has worked for The Forum and Forum News Service for 15 years. He started as a sport reporter in Minnesota. He is currently the city and night reporter for The Forum. 701-451-5665

A deputy said there were no "prosecutable" offenses found by the Department of Criminal Investigation.
Christopher J. Keeble attacked his former domestic partner outside her home in May 2021.
The accident near South Dakota-Minnesota border happened late Wednesday night.
Bird snared in Roberts County in far northeast corner of South Dakota
All three men received prison time.
Overall numbers are up in both states through July 1 compared to figures from years prior.
On top of a significant increase in aid, there were several key changes in eligibility and guidelines that can help more renters.
His passenger, also from Jamestown, had life-threatening injuries
A Moorhead day care operator says she's thrilled with the two units she runs in her home to try to keep everyone safe.
The 78-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene, about 16 miles north of Sisseton.