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Adam Kurtz

Community Editor

Adam Kurtz is the community editor for the Grand Forks Herald. He covers higher education and other topics in Grand Forks County and the city.

Kurtz joined the Herald in July 2019. He covered business and county government topics before covering higher education and some military topics.

Kurtz is a Grand Forks native, and UND graduate. Prior to joining the Herald he worked as an English teacher in Japan for 17 years.

Tips and story ideas are welcome. Get in touch with him at akurtz@gfherald.com, or DM at @ByAdamKurtz.

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Leaders say the partnership agreement creates the chance to cooperate instead of compete on a goal they both desire – the reduction of carbon emissions, and the success of rural communities.
To do that, they need to bridge the gap between purely scientific researchers and clinical professionals. The SMHS has been emphasizing work in the area of translational research, which aims to “translate” scientific research into practical treatments. That work is being done through the Dakota Cancer Collaborative on Translational Activity (DaCCoTA), a clinical translational research center (CTR), that pairs in teams doctors and researchers.
John Hauser was a student majoring in commercial aviation from Chicago, according to a statement from UND President Andrew Armacost.
Foreigner started with a few small shows to “make sure the gears were greased” before embarking on a months-long tour that will run into 2022.
The car culture that led kids to cruise main thoroughfares like Grand Forks' Washington Street has mainly died. But some cruisers remain.
The impending strike is referred to as a “job action” by the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the union that, along with the Customs and Immigration Union, represents more than 9,000 Canada Border Service Agency employees. The strike comes just three days before the country is set to allow American leisure travelers across the border for the first time in nearly a year and a half.
The Canadian government announced fully vaccinated American travelers and permanent residents will be able to cross the border beginning on Aug. 9.
On Thursday, July 15, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said fully vaccinated Americans could be allowed into the country for nonessential travel, beginning in mid-August. Trudeau, speaking with provincial and territorial leaders that day, said rising vaccination rates and improving public health conditions are behind the move.
Some UND space studies professors have their own opinions on the objects, mostly on what they might not be. But they agree that further scrutiny is needed to understand what the military have come to call UAPs – unexplained aerial phenomena
The lightweight rifles are marketed to all hunters, as a way to lighten the load while still carrying a rifle that can drop an antelope. The company has also sold rifles to older hunters, and people who otherwise would have had to stop hunting.