MITCHELL, S.D. — A pair of 100-year-old mortar rounds were destroyed over the weekend after being found at homes in a Mitchell neighborhood.

A German mortar shell being found in a garage at a residence on Bridle Drive. The round was discovered when the homeowner was moving property in the garage, police said. Later, a neighbor who lived nearby carried a second, similar mortar round to the residence, the Mitchell Department of Public Safety said.

Mitchell officers on Friday secured the residence and the mortars, until Saturday, when explosive disposal personnel could arrive to remove the rounds. The items were later taken to the Mitchell landfill, where they were destroyed.

Explosive disposal personnel later determined that the rounds were not live, but had not been properly demilitarized, and had not been marked accordingly.

The rounds were believed to be from the era of World War I and approximately 1917. One of the rounds was determined to be a German item, while the other round was determined to be from the United States.