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Bane works out for pro scouts at Baylor

Jon Bane has played in big games as the starting quarterback for Dakota Wesleyan University, but Wednesday, he arrived on one of the biggest stages imaginable.

Bane took the football field at Baylor University’s football pro day, throwing passes with hopes of impressing NFL scouts. The event featured just 18 players from the Bears football team, with the exception of Bane, who ended his career as DWU’s all-time leading passer.

A pro day is an official workout for athletes who wish to impress scouts prior to the NFL Draft, rookie minicamp and training camp. Bane attended Temple High School, which is 30 miles away from Waco, Texas, where Baylor is located.

Because Baylor didn’t have a quarterback coming out in the draft this year, Tevin Reese and Lache Seastrunk, two of Bane’s closest friends from high school and Baylor players, asked if Bane would come and throw for them at the pro day. Bane spent three weeks preparing with Reese, a wide receiver, and Seastrunk, a running back. Both players earned all-Big 12 first-team honors last season.

“It was really cool for the guys to have my back and give me the opportunity to perform,” Bane said adding he felt his performance was good. “They could have went and got anybody else in the country do this, but it was great that thought of me. “I have been down here preparing for the last three weeks and the pro day was great. It was a tremendous experience.”

There were 36 different scouts from 30 NFL teams and each one of them got the chance to watch Bane throw. Bane even caught the eye of a Jacksonville Jaguars scout, who told him that he had a great day and to keep at it.

“All I am looking for is a foot in the door,” Bane said. “But to hear that from an NFL scout who does this on a daily basis was huge for me and really humbling.”

Bane has worked out for an NFL scout before. Last year at Wesleyan, he went through an unofficial work out for a scout with the Dallas Cowboys.

The biggest difference between the two scout days was Bane did not throw for the Dallas Cowboy scout.

“We just ran a 40-yard dash and tested our measurables last year,” Bane said. “This was more official and intense. It was ran strictly by NFL scouts. I don’t think I am going to wow anyone with my 40-time. This year, I got to throw and showcase my arm strength and accuracy.”

Other Tiger players have received looks from scouts in the offseason. Former DWU wide receiver Anthony Muilenburg worked out at the USD-SDSU pro day, while junior running back Francois Barnaud, junior linebacker Jeff Maassen and junior offensive lineman Kyle Hencke worked out for Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings scouts at DWU recently.

“For them to have an opportunity to have NFL scouts and have them fill out paperwork is very special for them and something that they will remember for a long time,” DWU football coach Ross Cimpl said.