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Daily Republic Q&A: DWU volleyball coach Wilber adds to family atmosphere

College coaches attempt to build a family atmosphere for their players on campus, but the new Dakota Wesleyan University volleyball coach will have her family on campus.

Lindsay Wilber, wife of DWU men’s basketball coach Matt Wilber, was named head coach of the Tiger volleyball team just before the new year.

The Lakefield, Minn., native, is a first grade teacher in the Ethan School District — a job she will leave at the end of the school year — and most recently worked with the Sioux Falls South under-17 club team, but her position at DWU will be her first head coaching job.

Wilber played college volleyball at Augustana and was a varsity assistant at Sioux Falls O’Gorman from 2002-05.

Wilber moved to Mitchell with her four sons last year after Matt took over as the men’s basketball coach. She takes over a Tiger team that went 7-28 last season overall and finished winless in the Great Plains Athletic Conference.

Wilber recently discussed her new position at DWU in an interview with The Daily Republic. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Q: What made you decide to accept the job as head volleyball coach for DWU?

A: It took some thought, but I just decided that this is an opportunity that I didn’t think would ever present itself. When it did, I figured that with my background it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass on. I thought that if I didn’t try this I would never know if this is what I wanted to do.

Q: What was your thought process when deciding to take the job, and was Matt excited for you to take the job?

A: The positives completely outweighed the negatives. The decision took a couple of days, but once they offered the job to me I probably didn’t even need a day. I knew right away that this is what I need to be doing. I was the one doubting some things, but Matt was 100 percent behind me taking the job.

Q: What have your first few days as coach been like?

A: It’s been very busy with finishing up the year teaching in Ethan. It’s like having two full-time jobs, plus being a mother. It’s exciting.

Q: What do you expect with coaching at the same university as your husband?

A: Our offices are two doors down from each other. I didn’t know a lot about Dakota Wesleyan when I was living in Sioux Falls, but the minute that we moved here it has just been like a big family. Just the family institution of it all and I just like having everyone there.

Q: What is the impact going to be on your everyday life, going from teaching to being a full-time coach?

A: I don’t see it changing a lot. Obviously, I will have more things going on in the evenings. Being able to be more flexible in the daytime, while also being able to go out recruiting.

Q: Your boys have been a fixture at the DWU basketball games. Will they be there for the volleyball games as well?

A: Yeah, I had my first meeting with the team and thought, ‘Oh look at all of these willing babysitters I have here.’ The boys will be there. Everyone is going to know my kids and there is going to be plenty of positive role models for my boys.

Q: After a rough year last year, what do you anticipate for the rebuilding process of this team?

A: I am going to take it back to the basics with the team this spring, running a lot of individualized training and team building. Through my past experience, I do have a lot of connections with coaches, especially around the eastern part of the state, and I am using that in my favor as far as recruiting.