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SCW Blackhawks take home awards

The Sanborn Central/Woonsocket cheerleaders react after they were announced the Spirit of Six award winners during halftime of the Class B state girls’ basketball title game Saturday at Huron Arena. Members of the squad are, from left, Tamra Mann, Michele Carda, Taylor Coenen, Dayna Opsahl, Ashleigh Fry and Sarah Baysinger. They are coached by Melissa Wormstadt and Chelsea Wenzel. (Brooke Cersosimo/Republic)

HURON — During halftime of the Class B state championship game Saturday in Huron, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket had much to cheer about.

First the Blackhawk cheerleaders were announced the winners of the Spirit of Six award, which is honors a cheer squad of Rapid City Central. The Cobblers died after a their plane burst into flame after skidding off the runway on their way home from the Class A state basketball tournament in Sioux Falls in March 1968.

The award represents cheerleaders who are best on crowd control, dress, sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

This was the second consecutive year the Blackhawks won the trophy and head coach Melissa Wormstadt said its an honor.

“It was amazing,” she said. “I didn’t think it could happen two years in a row.”

SCW won the award over squads from Hanson and Gayville-Volin. Members of the Blackhawk cheer squad are Tamra Mann, Taylor Coenen, Dayna Opsahl, Michele Carda, Sarah Baysinger and Ashleigh Fry.

Selland wins Spirit of Su

Senior Shelby Selland received the Spirit of Su award at the Class B state girls’ basketball tournament Saturday evening.

“She’s a fantastic person to work with,” SCW co-head coach Tim McCain said. “She deserves everything that she gets. She works hard on the basketball court and in the classroom, so that’s a great honor for her.”

The award is named for SuAnne Big Crow, who was killed in a car accident driving to the 1992 Miss Basketball Award Banquet in Huron during her senior season at Pine Ridge High School.

According to the Spirit of Su committee, SuAnne stood against drugs and alcohol, became a role model in her community, all while maintaining nearly a 4.0 grade point average in the classroom.

Along with a plaque, Selland received a blanket emblazoned with four ribbons representing different races. It is a symbol of peace and community among people from all races.

Selland, who will play basketball for Augustana College in the fall, averaged 15.33 points per game in the three games over the weekend.

“That award means so much to me and I’m so honored to get it,” she said. “I kind of always dreamed of getting it since I was little and it’s an amazing honor.”

Other awards

Donnie Kayser, of Alexandria, was given the National Federation Officials Association’s “Girls’ Basketball Active Officials Award.”

Kayser began officiating in 1992 with his first game being a girls’ basketball game between Dell Rapids and Howard.

He has continued to work many high school girls’ and boys’ basketball games, along with some collegiate games. Kayser has officiated eighth Class B girls’ basketball tournaments, including two championship games in 2007 and 1011.

The Bridgewater-Emery band also played at the Class B tournament over the weekend and was honored with a plaque by the South Dakota High School Activities Association.

Brooke Cersosimo
Brooke Cersosimo is The Daily Republic's sports editor.