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SD GF&P has enhanced online license application system

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks online license application system has undergone a makeover.

The system includes enhanced security features to continue to protect online customers. Users will use the system in the same ways they have in the past for these activities:

• Apply for a limited issue license

• Create and/or join a group to apply for limited issue licenses

• Review and purchase preference points

• View past draw results

• View current applications

User profiles created on the old licensing system are still valid and accessible on the new system. Users do not have to create a new profile, unless they have never used the system before. Then a new user profile will need to be created.

As of today, customers can apply for nonresident waterfowl, resident special goose and mountain lion licenses. Users can also purchase preference points for Nonresident Waterfowl.

East River, West River, Black Hills, Refuge, Muzzleloader, Youth, Archery and Custer State Park deer seasons will be open today. Users can submit an application and purchase preference points through Dec. 31 for those deer seasons that have preference points.

The only change effective with this new system is that users now have to elect to purchase a preference point if they are unsuccessful in the first draw. Users can only purchase one preference point per year for each season. The fee that residents will be charged is $5. The fee that nonresidents will be charged is $10. This change was part of a package of fee increases proposed by the commission last fall. Funds will be used to continue the current level of services with programs such as: walk in areas, habitat programs, access, fish stockings, boat ramps and more. The changes bring our agency in line with many western states; both in license cost and charging for a preference point.