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Vikes game may not be on TV

The collapsed roof of the Metrodome can be seen from inside on Sunday. The inflatable roof collapsed after a snowstorm that dumped over 15 inches of snow on Minneapolis. (AP Photo)

Maybe it's a good thing the Vikings aren't having a winning season, or this would be a much bigger deal.

The Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants game, postponed until today after the Metrodome roof partially collapsed Sunday morning after the weekend blizzard, may not be shown locally, according to staff members with two local cable companies.

The game will kick off at 6:20 p.m. today. It will be shown on Fox -- but perhaps not locally.

As of Sunday night, the NFL said the game will only be shown in parts of Minnesota and New York state.

A Midcontinent employee in Aberdeen said several calls were coming in asking if the game would be shown but "we're in the dark," she said.

A Mitchell Telecom employee said they were also unsure if the game would be made available.

An employee at The Scoreboard said he thought the game would be available through the NFL Ticket, a cable package that allows out-of-area viewers to see games.

ESPN will show the "Monday Night Football" game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans. Kickoff is 7:28 p.m.

This isn't the first time a snowstorm has played havoc with a Vikings game, although an earlier incident was for far higher stakes. The night before the 1975 Super Bowl between the Vikes and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the NBC tower in Sioux Falls was knocked down by high winds, forcing the station off the air before the biggest game of the year.

After hours of anguish for Vikings fans, KELO-TV, the local CBS affiliate, agreed to carry the NBC broadcast on Jan. 12, 1975.

Vikings fans may have wished they didn't see that game. The Steelers won 16-6.