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Millers total 13,653 points

Here is a list of the career points scored by Tom, Chris and Alan Miller and their children while playing for Dakota Wesleyan University and Mitchell High School basketball teams. Prior to Friday's state tournament game that Macy was playing in, the 11 Millers totaled a combined 13,653 points.

Dakota Wesleyan University

Tom: 1,405

Chris: 1,863

Alan: 2,920 *DWU's all-time career scoring leader.

Jade: 457

Mitchell High School

Ryan: 789

Jared: 615

Mike 1,743 *Mitchell High School's all-time career scoring boys' leader.

Chelsey: 262

Tara: 549

Jordan: 585

Jade: 609

Macy: 1,856 (Through Thursday's game) *Mitchell High School's all-time career scoring leader.