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Policies in place for MHS weight room

The Mitchell High School weight room received an upgrade for the start of the 2013-14 athletic season, and all Kernel teams are able to take advantage of the facilities as long as protocols are met.

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Any Kernel that wishes to get into the weight room must understand the policies that have been implemented to keep them safe while training.

As for teams which are not sanctioned through the South Dakota High School Activities Association, there are also requirements for them. According to Mitchell Activities Director Geoff Gross, any team, including a nonsanctioned program, is permitted to use the weight facilities at MHS as long as an approved time has been set and an adult school employee supervisor, who has been approved by the school district, is present.

“All of our high school students can use them,” Gross said.

This solution resulted after miscommunication of who could use the weight room facility.

Early in the school year, the Mitchell girls’ fastpitch softball team was denied access to the facility by the athletic department.

The players on the Kernel softball team are all students at MHS but were not allowed to use the facility because criteria set forth by the athletic administration was not met.

The softball team was denied access because a time was not submitted and approved, and the players did not have a certified school employee to accompany them.

“There was nothing that was clear cut, and I wanted to hop in there as soon as the weight room officially opened,” Mitchell softball coach Jim Misiaszek said.

The softball team is not a sanctioned sport and Misiaszek is not an employee of the Mitchell school district. Beginning in November, Misiaszek plans to have an offseason conditioning program in place for the girls on his team in the weight room, but knows it will be difficult to manage since he’s not certified to supervise his team.

Other nonsanctioned teams are Mitchell’s hockey, baseball and swimming programs.

When asked about non sanctioned teams using the weight room facility without a supervisor, Gross said “they’re not school sports” and coaches are not employees of the Mitchell School District.