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MHS tennis drops three at Huron

HURON -- Youth showed Saturday as the Mitchell High School girls' tennis team dropped all three of its matches at the Huron Quadrangular.

The Kernels were swept 9-0 by Aberdeen Central and lost 7-2 against Brandon Valley, before falling short in a competitive match with another Eastern South Dakota Conference opponent Huron 6-3.

Mitchell coach Pat Moller, whose team is without senior leadership, did see positive growth as experience continues to grow.

"Like with any young team we need to grow and we saw that on Saturday," Moller said after his team fell to 4-5 (2-4 ESD).

Sammy Pooley continued to be a bright spot for the Kernels at Flight 4, picking up wins over Huron (8-2) and Brandon Valley (8-4) before falling to Paige Prissel, of Aberdeen Central (8-2).

The Kernels travel to play Sioux Falls Washington at 4 p.m. Thursday.

Brandon Valley 7, Mitchell 2

SINGLES: No. 1 Erin Buse (BV) def. Grace Grabenstein 8-3; No. 2 Jessica Sadler (BV) def. Halle Larson 8-0; No. 3 Hanna Mutchellknaus (BV) def. Haley Smith 8-5; No. 4 Sammy Pooley (M) def. Makenzie Marso 8-4; No. 5 Leandra Marais (BV) def. Allison Buckley 8-1; No. 6 Kendra Hanks (M) def. Kate Ellis 8-3.

DOUBLES: No. 1 Buse/Sadler (BV) def. Grabenstein/Larson 8-3; No. 2 Mutchellknaus/Marso (BV) def. Smith/Buckley 8-4; No. 3 Marais/Emily Konz (BV) def. Pooley/Hanks 8-5.

Huron 6, Mitchell 3

SINGLES: No. 1 Michelle Johnson (H) def. Grabenstein 8-1; No. 2 Sierra Goergen (H) def. Larson 8-0; No.3 Smith (M) def. Claire Hoogland 8-5; No. 4 Pooley (M) def. Bailey Harvey 8-2; No. 5 Allison Buckley (M) def. Alison Fenske 8-5, No. 6 Cassie Hedblom (H) def. Kendra Hanks 9-8 (7-2).

DOUBLES: No. 1 Johnson/Goergen (H) def. Grabenstein/Larson 8-1; No. 2 Hoogland/Fenske (H) def. Smith/Buckley 8-3; No. 3 Harvey/Hedblom (H) def. Pooley/Hanks 8-6.

Aberdeen Central 9, Mitchell 0

SINGLES: No. 1 Kristen Hanson (A) def. Grabenstein 8-0: No. 2 Ashley Thone (A) def. Larson 8-2; No. 3 Erica Hanson (A) def. Smith 8-1; No. 4 Paige Prissel (A) def. Pooley 8-2; No. 5 Lindsey Simon (A) def. Buckley 8-0; No. 6 Emily Magera (A) def. Hanks 8-3.

DOUBLES: No. 1 Hanson/Thone (A) def. Grabenstein/Larson 8-1; No. 3 Thone/Prissel (A) def. Smith/Buckley 8-2; No. 3 Simon/Magera (A) def. Pooley/Simon 8-5.