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Mitchell gymnasts get 19 medals at state meet

Mitchell's Nicole Wittstruck performs an uprise during her bar routine at the Class AA state gymnastics meet Saturday at Rapid City Stevens High School. (Brooke Cersosimo/Republic)

RAPID CITY -- One year ago, the Mitchell High School gymnastics team took home four individual medals at the Class AA state individual gymnastics meet.

On Saturday, the Kernels earned 19 individual medals from six of Mitchell's seven athletes who competed in the individual competition, which was Saturday at Rapid City Stevens High School.

The team was led by its all-around competitors and was highlighted by freshman Quinci Herll and sophomore Ellie Rew as both gymnasts earned top 10 all-around finishes and all-tournament team honors. Herll finished sixth in the all-around with a 36.675, while Rew took 10th with a score of 35.3.

"It feels good that all of our hard work paid off," said Herll, whose best finish was fourth on vault with a 9.375. "It's nice ending on a good note."

Senior Nicole Wittstruck tied for 13th in the all-around with a 34.55 and sophomore Rebecca Sadler was 15th with a score of 34.525.

Mitchell head coach Audra Rew said her team improved greatly from last season.

"Last year, they struggled mentally at state with nerves and this year they didn't have those nerves," she said. "I feel like they're learning how to compete and be mentally tough and that's what gymnastics takes. It says a lot about the future of Mitchell gymnastics, and I'm really excited about were we can continue to grow."

Rew said the success of her team on the second day of competition was due to smart training.

"Our girls did great today, and we really limited what we did in warm-ups before they got to the competition," she said after Saturday's meet. "They train their skills to be consistent enough that they were able to pull off great routines even with being tired."

Wittstruck, who didn't place individually before this year's state tournament, earned four medals. Her highest finish was 11th on the floor exercise with a score of 9.35.

"I couldn't ask for a better meet for Nicole," Rew said. "I'm just so proud for her that she can walk away with those memories."

Herll and Rew walked away with five medals, Sadler and freshman Emily Prill earned two medals and eighth-grader Josie Dierks earned one.

Rapid City Steven's Colette and Chelsey Christensen took first and second in the all-around for the second straight year. Colette finished with a 38.775 and Chelsey totaled a score of 38.275 in the all-around.

Colette won vault and bars, while Chelsey took first on floor with a 9.85, tying the Class AA all-time best mark set by Sioux Falls O'Gorman's Mallory Peck in 2005.

Watertown's Lynne Hanten took first place on beam with a 9.75.

State Gymnastics Meet

Individual Championships

Class AA

Saturday at Rapid City

Medalists -- Top 20

BALANCE BEAM: 1. Lynne Hanten, Watertown, 9.75; 2. (Tie) Krisia Bramer and Lexy Morris, Watertown, 9.4; 4. (Tie) Abby Thuringer, SF O'Gorman and Colette Christensen, RC Central, 9.35; 6. McKinsey Kost, RC Central, 9.325; 7. Chelsey Christensen, RC Central, 9.25; 8. Alaina Klapperich, RC Central, 9.175; 9. (Tie) Abbey Cerny, Watertown, and Kati Rath, RC Stevens, 9.05. 11. Quinci Herll, Mitchell, 9.025; 12. Ashley Solano, RC Central, 8.825; 13. Sydney Torgrude, SF Lincoln, 8.75; 14. Emily Prill, Mitchell, 8.7; 15. Brandee Roach, RC Central, 8.55; 16. Holly Fahrenwald, Brookings, 8.475; 17. Ellie Rew, Mitchell, 8.4; 18. Jordan Waldner, Huron, 8.375; 19. (Tie) Jamie Benedict, SF O'Gorman, and Nicole Wittstruck, Mitchell, 8.325.

FLOOR EXERCISE: 1. Chelsey Christensen, RC Central, 9.85; 2. Colette Christensen, RC Central, 9.775; 3. Brandee Roach, RC Central, 9.65; 4. (Tie) Lynne Hanten, Watertown; Abby Thuringer, SF O'Gorman and Alexis Gannon, Brookings, 9.6; 7. Jamie Benedict, SF O'Gorman, 9.55; 8. (Tie) McKinsey Kost, RC Central, and Sydney Torgrude, SF Lincoln, 9.45; 10. Krisia Bramer, Watertown, 9.425. 11. (Tie) Nicole Wittstruck and Quinci Herll, Mitchell, 9.35; 13. Jordan Fox, Watertown, 9.225; 14. Melissa Bobby, Pierre, 9.175; 15. Kelsey King, Huron, 9.15; 16. Emily Prill, Mitchell, 9.125; 17. (Tie) Alaina Klapperich, RC Central, and Ellie Rew, Mitchell, 9.075; 19. Shelby Spelbring, Pierre, 9.025; 20. (Tie) Alexis Clark, Aberdeen Central; Hailey McCune, Huron and Kati Rath, RC Stevens, 9.0.

UNEVEN BARS: 1. Colette Christensen, RC Central, 9.85; 2. Krisia Bramer, Watertown, 9.8; 3. Chelsey Christensen, RC Central, 9.7; 4. Taylor Kelsey, SF O'Gorman, 9.175; 5. Sydney Torgrude, SF Lincoln, 8.975; 6. (Tie) Quinci Herll and Rebecca Sadler, Mitchell, 8.925; 8. (Tie) Charlotte Taggart, Yankton-Bon Homme and Jordan Fox, Watertown, 8.9; 10. Kati Rath, RC Stevens, 8.875. 11. Ellie Rew, Mitchell, 8.85; 12. McKinsey Kost, RC Central, 8.775; 13. (Tie) Abby Thuringer, SF O'Gorman, and Logan Haggerty, RC Stevens, 8.725; 15. Aimee Padgett, Aberdeen Central, 8.7; 16. Mara Dobrenski, Brookings, 8.55; 17. (Tie) Brandee Roach, RC Central and Shelby Spelbring and Sydney Gutenkauf, Pierre, 8.525; 20. (Tie) Alexis Clark, Aberdeen Central; Alexis Gannon, Brookings and Kelsey King, Huron, 8.475.

VAULT: 1. Colette Christensen, RC Central, 9.8; 2. Chelsey Christensen, RC Central, 9.485; 3. Abby Thuringer, SF O'Gorman, 9.4; 4. Quinci Herrll, Mitchell, 9.375; 5. (Tie) McKinsey Kost, RC Central and Taylor Schweitzer, Aberdeen Central, 9.2; 7. Lynne Hanten, Watertown, 9.175; 8. (Tie) Alaina Klapperich, RC Central, and Holly Fahrenwald, Brookings, 9.15; 10. Kati Rath, RC Stevens, 9.1. 11. Alexis Gannon, Brookings, 9.05; 12. Sami Swedlund, Brookings, 9.0; 13. Ellie Rew, Mitchell, 8.975; 14. Mikkalyn Konzem, SF Roosevelt, 8.95; 15. Ashley Solano, RC Central, 8.925; 16. (Tie) Alexis Clark and Larissa Swanson, Aberdeen Central, and Josie Dierks, Mitchell, 8.9; 19. Nicole Wittstruck, Mitchell, 8.8; 20. Brandee Roach, RC Central, 8.775.

ALL-AROUND: 1. Colette Christensen, RC Central, 38.775; 2. Chelsey Christensen, RC Central, 38.275; 3. Abby Thuringer, SF O'Gorman, 37.075; 4. Krisia Bramer, Watertown, 36.925; 5. McKinsey Kost, RC Central, 36.75; 6. Quinci Herll, Mitchell, 36.675; 7. (Tie) Lynne Hanten, Watertown, and Kati Rath, RC Stevens, 36.025; 9. Brandee Roach, RC Central, 35.5; 10. Ellie Rew, Mitchell, 35.3. 11. Alexis Gannon, Brookings, 35.25; 12. Sydney Torgrude, SF Lincoln, 35.2; 13. (Tie) Holly Fahrenwald, Brookings, and Nicole Wittstruck, Mitchell, 34.55; 15. Rebecca Sadler, Mitchell, 34.525; 16. Taylor Kelsey, SF O'Gorman, 34.4; 17. Abbey Cerny, Watertown, 34.35; 18. Alexis Clark, Aberdeen Central, 34.275; 19. Shelby Spelbring, Pierre, 34.25; 20. Elsie Kotalik, Yankton-Bon Homme, 33.85.

Brooke Cersosimo
Brooke Cersosimo is The Daily Republic's sports editor.