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Brandon Valley AD: Being in two conferences will not affect ESD

BRANDON -- Brandon Valley High School Activities Director, Randy Marso, confirmed during a phone interview Monday afternoon that the formation of the new Metro Conference would not affect the Eastern South Dakota Conference.

Mitchell High School is part of the ESD Conference, while the new Metro Conference would include Brandon Valley and the four Sioux Falls high schools -- O'Gorman, Roosevelt, Lincoln and Washington.

"That's exactly the way we see it," Marso said. "We wouldn't even be exploring it if it would have any affect, in any way, on our ESD standing."

Marso said that there have not been any formal discussions regarding scheduling or other particulars with the Metro Conference formation, but that he expects it is only a matter of time until they do take place.

A board meeting in Brandon on Monday, June 28, will host a vote on whether to approve the school to enter into formal discussions with the Sioux Falls schools.

"Everything here indicates 'Go,' with the reaction we've had from our community, school and coaches," Marso said. "But we haven't started getting into any certain changes. Our board needs to approve that when they meet; they will be approving a simple 'letter-of-intent' to allow us to move forward with the discussions."

Marso also made it clear that if the Metro Conference idea does come to reality, the only schedules that he sees being changed are in tennis, golf, track and cross country. Those sports would need to eliminate a game or two from their schedules -- likely to be games against out-of-state opponents -- to make room for a Metro Conference meet.

Football scheduling was also addressed by Marso.

Brandon Valley would still play all seven of its games with ESD opponents each season. Then, because it would not be able to play more than the allowed number of games per season, Brandon Valley would play two of the Sioux Falls schools each season. For example, it would schedule home-and-home games with O'Gorman and Roosevelt for two years, and then switch to a home-and-home format with Lincoln and Washington the following two years.

"Football was the only sport that, when we had preliminary talks, we all understood we couldn't schedule everyone every season," Marso said. "We would not be able to play a whole Metro Conference schedule in football, so there would be no conference championship, and all of us understand that going in."

Marso did stress that no decision has been made at this juncture, and that if Brandon Valley does become a part of a five-team Metro Conference in the future, it does not have any plans to leave the ESD at this time.

"At this point, it's not a formal 'We're in this new conference' kind of talk," he said. "We're just in the discussion process and looking at some things. I do know, though, that I don't see any decision we make changing one thing that we do with regards to the ESD."