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Archery antelope hunters report success in 2009

PIERRE -- One of South Dakota's first fall hunts is archery antelope, and through surveys from the 2009 season submitted by hunters, the state Game, Fish and Parks Department begins planning the 2010 seasons.

"Each year, our agency follows up the different hunting seasons with surveys to determine harvest and other season-related information," said Corey Huxoll, GF&P harvest survey coordinator. "The surveys are a vital part of our work and a direct contribution that hunters make to the management of wildlife in South Dakota."

About 2,400 archery antelope licenses were issued in 2009. Hunters had a 16 percent success rate, taking 516 bucks and 189 does. Overall harvest was down from the previous two years. Details of the survey report may be found on the GF&P Web site at

The 2010 archery antelope season will be proposed by the GF&P Commission at its April meeting and finalized at the May meeting. The application process for the 2010 season will open in mid-summer.

"We are now in the process of surveying several different seasons," Huxoll said. "We appreciate the dedication of hunters to our wildlife resource and look forward to gathering the data they provide through this survey process."