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For now, "Cornelius" logo continues on for MHS

The "Cornelius" logo for Mitchell High School can rest easy for the remainder of the school year.

After exploring potential logo replacement options earlier this year, Mitchell High School Activities Director Cory Aadland said the current "Cornelius" mark will continue to be used for the rest of the 2017-18 year. Aadland said the issue of potentially replacing the smiling logo has been sidelined, but he intends to gather a group of interested stakeholders in the next few months to work on some ideas.

"We haven't really done much with it lately," Aadland said. "With as busy as the fall season is, it sort of got pushed off to the backburner. It's something we're starting to move back to the top of the pile again."

Aadland said he believes there is support for changing the logo, based on the feedback but there was no consensus among the four options posted in July when the school put together a poll for the public on which the public could vote. Those options included some possible logos that featured a tougher, meaner-looking "Cornelius."

"Among the options we gave, there wasn't enough interest in any of those to make it clear which direction we should go," he said. "So I think there's interest in a change and updating it and improving it."

The impetus for the logo effort was based around trying to get each of Mitchell's teams — from wrestling and soccer to golf and cross country — to get on the same page as far as which "M" they use on their uniforms.

Aadland said that effort with the logo and building some consistency from program to program has been more successful. He said he envisions the "M" logo and the "Cornelius" logo both being part of the branding around MHS teams going forward, while adding that it's possible that the school will leave Cornelius unchanged.

"The logo and the mascot logo is the second part of this," he said. "As far as getting an "M" that everyone is using and everyone on the same page, that's been very successful and that's exactly what I wanted us to do, for everyone to be using the same look."

Mitchell has used its current logo, a winking corn cob with stalks for hands and arms nicknamed "Cornelius" in some fashion since the mid-1960s and the current iteration has been used since the mid-1980s.