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Gaulke cashes in at golf tournament

GANN VALLEY -- After 22 years of playing golf, David Gaulke experienced a first Monday.

Gaulke, a Gann Valley native, won a chipping contest at the Pink-on-the-Green Celebrity Golf Tournament in Columbia, S.C. He beat 80 people by chipping the ball seven inches from the hole, earning him an opportunity to win $10,000 with a 35-yard chip.

Gaulke made the chip shot and capped it off with a fist pump.

"I've never won anything like that before," said Gaulke, who is a one handicap. "When I chipped it, I thought it looked pretty good but going in the hole is another thing. I could barely see the whole because it was a ways away and the ball disappeared."

Gaulke said others participating in the four-man scramble tournament cheered from the clubhouse patio.

"They cheered, gave me high fives and congratulated me," Gaulke said Tuesday.

Gaulke was invited to play at the tournament by Dayton Rogers Manufacturing Company CEO Ron Lowry. Gaulke works for the company in California.

The two teamed up with two others and won the tournament, which supported the Pink & Green Community Service Foundation of Columbia. The four-man team won the tournament with a score of 14-under 58.

Brooke Cersosimo
Brooke Cersosimo is The Daily Republic's sports editor.