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Kernels split with Yankton, Pierre

The Mitchell Kernel girls' tennis team split a pair of Eastern South Dakota Conference matches Friday at Hitchcock Park in Mitchell.

The Kernels fell to Yankton 6-3 but defeated Pierre 6-3 in their second match of the day.

"We've played four ESD teams now and we haven't seen one we can't beat," Kernel head coach Pat Moller said. "Pierre's strong at the top but our depth is proving to be a strength for us."

Against Pierre, the Kernels earned four singles victories.

Mitchell's Flight 4 and 5 singles players -- Sammy Pooley and Allison Buckley -- each went 2-0 in singles on the day.

Pooley, who is undefeated in singles, paired up with Kendra Hanks to earn two victories in Flight 3 doubles play. They defeated Yankton 10-7 and Pierre 10-4.

Mitchell also got singles wins from Flight 3 singles player Haley Smith and Hanks at Flight 6.

Mitchell is 4-2 overall and 2-2 in the conference. The Kernels play in the Huron Quad today in Huron where Mitchell will play Brandon Valley, Huron and Aberdeen.

Yankton 6, Mitchell 3

SINGLES: No. 1 Sarah Rockne (Y) def. Grace Grabenstein 10-2; No. 2 Taylor Rothenberger (Y) def. Halle Larson 10-5; No. 3 Kaitlyn Frank (Y) def. Haley Smith 10-3; No. 4 Sammy Pooley (M) def. Alexa Bryan 10-7; No. 5 Allison Buckley (M) def. Anna Kokesh 10-4; No. 6 Ame Kroft (Y) def. Kendra Hanks 10-5. JV: Mimi Garcia (Y) def. Tatum Dean 9-8(7-4); Jaeden Lizakowski (M) def. Sophie Kowi 8-3.

DOUBLES: No. 1 Rockne/Rothenberger (Y) def. Grabenstein/Larson 10-4; No. 1 Bryan/Kroft (Y) def. Smith/Buckley 10-8; NO. 3 Pooley/Hanks (M) def. Frank/Kokesh. JV: Dean/Lizakowski (M) def. Garcia/Kowi 8-3.

Mitchell 6, Pierre 3

SINGLES: No. 1 Eileen Leong (P) def. Grabenstein 10-4; No. 2 Jolee Smith (P) def. Larson 10-3; No. 3 Smith (M) def. Sam Beck 10-4; No. 4 Pooley (M) def. Sydney Larson 10-1; No. 5 Buckley (M) def. Gracie Jones 10-2; No. 6 Hanks (M) def. Brianna Dufour 10-3. JV: Kaihlen Smith (M) def. Kara Brusver 8-3; Britta Brusver (P) def. Marissa Moller 9-7; Kara Brusver (P) def. Lori White 8-3; Sidney Zimmerman (M) def. Kim Grambihler 8-0; Maren Smith (M) def. Grambihler 8-6; Becca Sadler (M) def. Grambihler 8-5.

DOUBLES: No. 1 Leong/Smith (P) def. Grabenstein/Larson 10-3; No. 2 H. Smith/Buckley (M) def. Beck/Larson 10-4; No. 3 Pooley/Hanks (M) def. Jones/Dufour. JV: Dean/Lizakowski (M) def. Ryan/Pierre 8-6; Brusver/Brusver (P) def. White/Smith 8-1; K. Smith/Moller (M) def. Grambihler/B. Brusver 8-3; Ryan/Pierre (P) def. Zimmerman/Sadler 8-5.